My name is Svetlana! This story happened last year and I still can't forget it! In July I had a vacation and I decided not to take my girlfriends with, I just wanted to take a break from this city life! On arrival to the shore of the lake, I pitched the tent and lay down to have a rest!

A little about myself: I am a tall brunette with the breast of the 3-d size, juicy ass and velvet skin!

It was getting dark and I decided to go swimming for a while! Since the lake was quiet and deserted, I decided not to put a bra and went for a swim just topless! After swimming a bit I noticed there was a man on the shore! He was alone! He was very handsome, tall and broad-shouldered! I decided that a little flirting tonight wouldn’t hurt, moreover I long had not had intimacy with a man! I decided to get out of the lake! Having covered my chest with my hands, I went out like a mermaid in front of him and asked him to give me the towel! He happily agreed, looked me over a little and handed the towel to me. I wrapped it around and held out my hand saying “I am Sveta”, he replied “Sergey”. I looked down at his trunks and saw a big tent sticking out and a small wet spot, apparently, just showed up!

Sergey made a fire and took out a bottle of red wine! We had a nice conversation under the sound of the fire and were sipping wine, but the thought of his “tent” couldn’t leave my head! Lower belly ached badly and I felt wet down there! Sergey, apparently, felt it and sharply came up to me, hugged me tight and asked: “Wanna try me?” Oh God, his breath burned me and I whispered, “Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He turned me my back to him and started kissing my neck, fingering my hair and hugging my fragile body! With my back and the ass I felt his “tent” getting bigger and harder. Unable to help it I turned around and fell on my knees before him and with a rapid movement pulled down his swimming trunks! His cock not yet fully stood up, probably for the wine, but even in that state it was very big! Thick, with a huge head with a drop of precum on the tip. I started to suck his cock, but he took my head and began furiously pulling me on. 

The penis was growing and became like a stone! At this point he raised me on my feet, turned my back to him and pressed on my spine so that my wet pussy appeared at the level of his cudgel! He was slowly entering me, plunging the head he gave me time to adapt a little and continued getting in! Only then I felt his true size. He entered me a little more than half and his head was pressing against my uterus. He swayed me a few times and I felt a wild orgasm, spraying his cock with my moisture! Then he lay down on his back and I sat on top! Oh my God, that was my favorite position! In this position I was able to take it whole! I jumped on him either quickly, or then slowly. With my every move I could feel the head widens making me howl with pleasure and cum, cum, cum!

But it was not enough for him! Suddenly, without preparation, he entered my ass with a finger while I remained on his penis and that just struck me. I huddled in convulsions and started to scream from such an orgasm! Sergey felt the orgasm coming, took me off and stuck his cock in my mouth, and then he was cumming! There was so much of sperm that I barely managed to swallow it and it was dripping on my chest burning my nipples!

After a short rest we fucked a few more times and I experienced the most vivid and unforgettable orgasms in my life!