The first experience at the party

My parents left for a week on vacation and I stayed alone at home. Of course, I immediately invited a lot of people and we had a party. There were about twenty of us. People drank alcohol, and so did I. When they were going to the rooms for privacy, I was approached by a guy I knew not so well. At that moment I was far from sober. And we went to one of the rooms. We were talking about something, rather he was talking and I tried to figure out anything. 

Despite the huge amount of alcohol I remember everything. I put my head on his shoulder. He stopped talking, and I felt his lips on mine. Oddly enough, it was a gentle kiss: he penetrated into my mouth with his tongue, and I responded the same (by that time I was good at kissing). Gradually the kiss became more passionate and hot. He laid me on the bed and hung over me, gently touching my lips, I loved it so much. When he dug his lips in my neck, I felt his hot hands under my shirt. He drove the fingers back and forth, and those movements in combination with his lips on my neck made me utter a quiet sigh. 

It gave him assent, and he took off his and then my t-shirt. At that time I had many sexual fantasies, but I did not let them come true, but that night I was like out of control. I was running my hands over the torso of that guy trying to cuddle up as tight as possible. But he gently pushed me away, took off my bra and started to kiss my not very big, but neat tits. It was the first I felt the warmth concentrating in the belly. The guy was going down lower, leaving a wet trail of kisses. He undid the zipper of my jeans and took them off me. Though the room was dark, I blushed noticeably. He noticed that, smirked and got up to my lips. 

His hand slid between my legs and through the thin fabric of the panties with a finger he was spreading my vulvar lips, penetrating just a little deeper. I sighed aloud, he kissed me and got down to my crotch. With a quick movement he took off my panties, still staying in jeans himself. While bending lower, he liked to watch my face expression. The guy moved my legs apart and touched the lips with his tongue. I softly moaned when he began to lick the vagina. He penetrated with his tongue deeper into the crack, when I was moaning openly and squirming under him. At one point, he abruptly moved away, I didn't even get what it was. Opening clouded with excitement eyes, I saw him pleased watching me, and unbuttoning his jeans. 

At that moment I decided to take the initiative and, having barely got up, I bent down to his groin. Together we took off his jeans, along with the briefs. My eyes saw neat and standing cock. Without hesitation, I immediately took it into my mouth and began to suck it, my tongue trailing over its head. The guy groaned. I tried my best. Finally he tore me from such an exciting occupation. He put me horizontally so that my head lay on the pillow. Parting my legs he put the cock head to the hole entrance. Then I became nervous, but his strong arms would not let me move. He drove in me so quickly that I felt almost no pain. 

The guy was moving in me quickly, whispering in my ear different filthy things making me even more excited. He quickly and brutally fucked me. I was moaning very loud and making upward movements with my hips. After a few minutes he pulled his cock out and abundantly cum on my chest, and then he kissed me. We were lying there in silence, then we got up and naked hugging each other we went to the balcony and smoked a cigarette. After that day we dated briefly, but soon broke up.

That was my first time.