Must be that way

I was very lucky to have found a good job in the office. The team was small, 7 persons only, and all of them were women but for me and the chief. The chief was not young but in great shape and very polite. He sent me to the secretary Valentina to get acquainted with the team. Valentina looked very respectable as a Secretary must look. I was introduced to the women and so I got down to work. I was happy, I turned out to be a thorn among roses, I like the girls, and especially I liked Olga. She was 24 years old, not married and I decided to flirt with her, but I noticed everyone somehow slyly looking at that. The office had good corporate life with collective visits to the pool, trips to nature, bars etc. 

After a while the chief called me to his office and announced we were going on a business trip, and I agreed. When everyone became aware of this, the girls looked at each other mysteriously and laughed. They wished me a good trip. We left for another city and stayed at a hotel in the same room, ostensibly for economy. In the evening, chief offered a drink, I was positive. Chief allowed to call him simply Volodya. After drinking it became hot and we stripped down to underwear and continued talking and drinking peacefully. Volodya sat down beside me and began stroking my back and the leg. I decided that was because of drinks, and didn’t take it seriously. Gradually, I even felt pleased with such attention and we began to kiss. Caressing my ear Volodya promised to raise my salary if I'm a good boy and yield to him. I thought one mistake doesn’t make you a fag and money is always a good thing. He told me to go to the bathroom to wash and he'd prepare what we needed.

I freshened up, entered the room and saw lacy lingerie on the bed. Volodya saw my surprise and just told me to put that on and added that it must be that way. He helped me to put on stockings, though the bra and the panties I put on myself. Oddly enough but the size was mine. Vladimir turned off the light and led me to the bed. I've seen cocks many times but never so close, so strong and so big, it was the first time. The first night turned out to be bright and unique. I had everything for the first time: first sucking, first dick-in-the-ass pleasant feeling. Waking up in the morning I certainly felt some discomfort: itching in the ass and the body was still sticky but I was glad that had happened. 

Before getting up I touched Volodya’s buddy, it was soft, but I couldn’t restrain and began to lick him until he got up. The process of sucking was not long as Volodya quickly cumshot on my face. All 5 days Volodya had been fucking me like bridegroom fucks the bride in the wedding night. Having been back I started to do my job but before the girls asked me if I wasn’t going to quit. I was surprised by the question and replied that I liked the work and I was not going to resign. Then Valentina came out from chef’s office and merrily said that my salary had been raised. I was in a good mood and I asked Olga to meet later, but she said that at lunch we’d see. Before lunch Valentina said I was the first one among young guys who didn’t quit after the trip. She called me to the bathroom and handed the package saying the boss was waiting and then she left. In the package there was a set of clothes, I realized that everyone knew everything.

They all went to have lunch and I went to the chief’s office. My chief told me to come in and get stripped, and so I did. He was banging me during the whole lunch time, it was nice but I had to control myself not to moan. When I came out they all were already on places. It was fucked up, I sat down at my desk and could not look up at anyone. Chief was gone somewhere and Valentina told me that every day at lunch I had to be in the chief’s office ready. At the weekend we went to the countryside to relax. And my chief didn't forget to walk me several times away into the bushes. Of course, I don’t talk to Olga and, of course, I do not communicate and work.