Meeting flagellant

We long corresponded with Alex via email, sometimes the correspondence broke mostly because of me, but then again resumed. He had long wanted to meet but since he lived in another city, it was difficult for me to visit him. I was just looking for experienced active flagellant but I was also a little apprehensive of meeting him. But it happened so, that I had a business trip exactly to the city where Alex lived. Having done all business matters on Friday before noon at two o'clock I was absolutely free. I called and we agreed to meet at the main square. We recognized each other almost immediately. As we were going to his place, a casual conversation began. He was interesting to talk to. 

I even stopped thinking about why we actually had met. On the way, Alex was watching my ass and it was evident he liked my body. Since there was no whiskey in the bar, we drank some cognac, and then went to the apartment. In the hallway Alex asked me to undress, I removed my shoes and jacket, I left the jeans and a t-shirt on, but then Alex gave me a hanger and told to remove everything, saying I wouldn’t need the clothes at all. In the room he tied me to the bench my booty up, and left for a few minutes. When he returned he threw something on the sofa and began inspecting the victim i.e. me. I He was groping my ass, the thighs, stroking my back, and then he picked up the belt and began sliding it over my body, sometimes easily hitting the buttocks. I noticed that the movements of the belt over my body are making me rather turned on and even though I'm not a fan of homosexual relationship but at the moment I was so excited that I was ready for any experiments. Noticing my excitement, Alex suddenly hit me with the belt harder, then again, after ten serious blows my flame subsided a bit. I stopped thinking about sex, and Alex said that I was already warmed up and could start the real spanking. 

He wrapped his hand with a rope, took a couple of blows in the air, at this time, my heart probably ran in heels. And then the blows rained over my ass, ten steady and strong shocks. "You know, on your beautiful butt there are very beautiful traces left", said Alex and added, "Let's see how you will suffer my punishment". I asked “What for?”, "For the fact you’ve been fooling me so long not replying my letters. Twenty blows – you count”, I was about to say something, when suddenly heard "Twenty-five". I counted each hit, if I said a figure quietly or the words mingled with my groan, Alex didn't take it into account as well when I fidgeted hard or screamed. I had got about thirty three blows by the rope on my bare ass, it hurt, but in that moment, when the punishment was over I felt easier. 

“For the first time it’s enough”, said Alex and untied me. My ass was hurt badly and he lubed it with cream. I looked at the sofa and saw that in addition to the skipping rope and belts there were a flogger, a cane and a whip. I was looking at those devices, and Alexey said with a smile that soon he was going to introduce them to me all personally, the phrase I got terribly excited with. It was evident that Alex was also very excited with the execution, and asked me in authoritative tone, if I would like to thank him for the spanking? I crawled to him and kissed his right hand, the one he smacked me with, and then I saw a big tent on his pants. "Now you won’t get off with one your kiss only", said Alex, giving me clear understanding what I had to do next...