My fantasy's become true

My name is Sergey. I decided to write a short story about that had happened to me in April 2010, in Tomsk. The fact is that being younger I had sucked my friend’s dick just for the sake of interest. Much time has passed since that time, but the fantasies appearing in my mind gave me no rest at night!

I was dreaming about being humiliated, I wanted to do a blowjob, to eat pussy under coercion. Once I even called a prostitute and licked her pussy and the ass, of course, she was very surprised. Then I called prostitutes many times and spent my time that way. I liked the possibility to tell anything and they told me how many guys had them for a day, they asked me if I wanted to suck the guy, I lied to them saying I regularly did it (once earlier is not taken into account). Still I couldn’t get courage and realize my fantasy to do a real blowjob!

One day, in the night TV chat I placed the ad saying I was gonna eat a beautiful girl’s pussy. Usually the calls back are rare, and mostly just for a joke. But that time for some reason I realized that was not a joke. A girl called and in a pleasant voice she offered to eat pussy for her and for her two girlfriends in the sauna, she said they were slim and well-cared-for. Of course, I immediately agreed, but she then added that there would be a guy as well, but he just wanted to be there and have a look. I went there anyway.

On arrival to the sauna I was shaking with excitement like a twig in the wind. The girls were really beautiful, I wasn’t disappointed. A young guy of strong physique was sitting at the table with the girls around. One of them saw I was shy and offered me some cognac, and I agreed. They joked, laughed so we learned each other. Everyone asked me why I tended to eat pussy and not to have sex. Well, what could I answer? I just like it, that’s it. Then one of the girls threw off her towel, sat on against me and spread her legs. Her shaved pussy looked very tempting and under the cheers and giggles I approached her, knelt down and began licking. I did it diligently so that she'd like it really. Judging by her moans, she really enjoyed it.

Then the turn of the other girls came. The whole process took about an hour, I was licking on and on, sometimes even touching their anal hole in excitement. Then they all took their seats and began drinking again. The guy offered to go to the steam room, everyone agreed but me. I motivated the refusal that I can't stand the heat, but I just was afraid to get stripped before them. They had been in the steam room not more than 10 minutes. During this time I managed to drink a glass of the cognac and it flowed in my body causing some calm and sense of relaxation.

Soon they came back. All of them were naked, and the guy said, why I still had my clothes on. “Why are you hesitating after all what happened?” I pulled my pants and the underwear having bared my cock. I had it, I must say, much smaller than he had. He came up to me and said that I was afraid to get stripped, for I had it so small. The girls laughed in unison! I blushed and squeezed out: "But you have a dick like a real male." A slight pause gave way to the laughter and the shouts of the girls. The guy showed with his eyes what to do. I fell on my knees, my temples pounded with excitement, I did not hear what the girls were saying, I sucked. The penis was swelling up turning into a powerful and rigid phallus! I tried to swallow it completely, but I couldn't. I remember licking his balls, then the cock and then sucking again. Soon he pressed my head to his dick and shot his cum in me. I swallowed, but some leaked out, for there was much of it.

Almost immediately I started to collect my belongings and left. On the way home I was thinking, that was the thing I wanted.