Ladies and whores

- So, dear ladies, I ask you not to leave, I need to talk to you!

The tutor of the Elite College addressed the class of fifteen girl-pupils, sitting at their desks in the classroom.

- There are cases found out of some students wearing non-regulation clothing, which is prohibited by internal regulations of the College. In your rooms we discovered the linen of impermissible form and color. This is worn by whores, not by future ladies. Some of you have already been punished, but such cases are still being repeated. Apparently, you still don't know what distinguishes a real lady from a usual whore.

Her loud and firm voice, and her stern look spread perplexion among the girls.

The class listened attentively to the tutor. The girls were sitting still at their desks, their hands folded in front of them. All wore identical white blouses with ties, checked skirts, long socks up to the knees.

- I do not understand either why when someone is asked about having these kinds of things, you prefer lies you do not have any, meanwhile we can easily check this out. Lying is a characteristic for a whore! I hope you're not, and I’m asking and waiting for the honest answer. Who is now wearing a non-regulation clothing?

The class was silent. The tutor paused, and continued:

- So, no one is? I would like to believe. But since my confidence in you is undermined for certain reasons, I have to check your honesty. I ask you all to stand up. And now, ladies, lift up your skirts. Come on!

The girls reluctantly, lowering their eyes, one after another began lifting up their skirts. Simple white cotton pants were exposed to common view.

- Well... I see we have three whores here! Katie, Joan, Elizabeth, come here!

Subdued and shrunken three girls came out and stood in front of the other class.

- Show us again what you are wearing!

Violators lifted up their skirts again. One had the tight black panties, the other one — white lace panties, and the third — red miniature.

- That's what whores wear! There they go, ladies! It’s not enough that they wear the clothes of whores, they lie like whores as well! Remove this obscenity right now, I’m expropriating this whore clothing! Do I make myself clear? Take off these rags, whores!

Imbued with shame and horror the girls were pulling off their panties.

- Put these rags on my desk, whores! So that it doesn’t become a habit, I'll show you what real whores feel, we’ll see how you like it! All clothes off!

The girls were standing still, taken aback and reluctant to follow the instructions.

- Well... I see you are not total whores yet. But nevertheless... All clothes OFF! Well! Come on! Or I’ll slap you with a pointer so hard that you won’t be able to sit and you'll have your classes standing!

Perplexed with shame the girls began getting undressed. One was sobbing. The class stared at them in silence. Each of the pupils believed she was lucky, because wearing non-regulation underwear was not rare so far.

All three scofflaws stripped naked.

- Well, do you like to feel like whores? And now, for the edification of everyone else, you are to go to the residential building naked! The clothes will be given to you tomorrow morning. Go!

The girls didn't know what to do. One of them was crying, the other two were looking around with a hunted look.

- So, why are you still here? Get out, whores! Go! Or I'll call the security and they will take you out!

The girls moved on to the door. Naked they were supposed to cross the yard and go past several buildings of the College. When the door closed behind them, the tutor came up to the window and watched three future high-society whores covering up and hiding behind each other and walking down the path.