Job is job

I'm not against office romances, but as for me, I’m not in, because I’ve already faced with the consequences.

Once I stayed long in the office alone on duty, I made some coffee and was surfing the internet. Very soon it turned out to be that I was not the only one workaholic. In the next room the chief accountant stayed longer. The woman - super, the chest - not less than fourth size, the ass – the round ideal, 38 years old, but looks not older than 30.

Having done her occupation, she went to the IT office, where I was staying in the splendid isolation. She made eyes at me and asked me to make some coffee. Accepting her request, I returned to my work.

I didn’t become interested in her late visit, and a long delay at work.

Suddenly I felt her hands on my shoulders. I looked at her and received a mute response in the form of a deep and piercing gaze telling much.

I didn't have time to recover as my dick was already in her mouth, and it was something incredible. This blowjob skill can't be taught - it was given her by nature. It wasn’t my cock I felt in her, but me whole.

When I was ready to cum and she sensed it, she got up and lay down with her boobs on my desk, and sticking out her stunning ass. I lifted her skirt up and became prepared to break into her pussy, but she stopped me, explaining that it’s for her husband only, but her ass was to my disposal. Making preliminary conclusions about the size of her anus I began entering her dry.  Guesses were incorrect - the ring of her anus was tight and narrow. Having moistened my finger with saliva, I wetted her sphincter and went on. When my cock head was in, I looked at her - frantically she was biting her finger and she was shaking very hard, I saw in her eyes terrible fear, and they were wet with tears.

Stunned by what I saw, I got out of her and sat down on the chair. Then we had a conversation, the main point of which was loyalty to her husband, unrequited love to me and no repetition of such-like experiments. Later we became very good friends and in private we often discuss even the most sensitive topics. Sometimes it goes so far as for kisses and touching intimate parts, but we decided not to cross this border.

After a couple of months, the situation repeated – She did the first-class blowjob. Now, every three days, for half a year, I have unforgettable orgasms given to me with her mouth.