Marina Kudryavtseva

Long time ago I had a girl. I was still a greenhorn 18 years old, she was either. We both were fascinated with anime, so we actually met. After dating for a year, I had to leave for three months, (doesn't matter why). Her name was Marina Kudryavtseva, she had too many hang-ups, and was abandoned by everybody, I picked her up and literally brought her out of the depression with the help of affection, kindness and tenderness.

I must say that at that time we had already fucked enough like rabbits. Her ass, her pussy and her mouth - everything was used for sex. By the way, she was a perfect sucker, she loved role-playing and was a goddess for me, though looked so-so.

And so I left. A month later, she sends me a message saying we’re done, she has given herself to another one, because he “didn’t even join the army for my sake, and it was his dream!” It was as funny as shocking to me at that moment. There was even the thought to commit a suicide. But then after fucking a few local women (I had this feature - when I was left, I was pounced on anything that moves) I got home and deleted her from my life. 

In a few days she offered to be just friends. Of course - her new boyfriend was a hulk-skinhead, who had absolutely brainless, though in some way he was a good guy, but clearly not listening to her pathetic girly outpourings, besides they even fought every day.

The first times I consistently kept on telling her to go far away, ie – fuck off.

But 6 months later it turned out that her boyfriend was still drafted into the army (why not - no brains, good health, didn’t enter any Institution - the ideal candidate). I had a light hysterical laugh, such a feat was broken! And just a couple of days I started to impose my friendship. 

At again I was poured on a bunch of sobs “how unlucky and romantic I am”, but now I was going to the goal - revenge. That sweet word...

And then, one day, when the amount of alcohol drunken became too much (I don't drink, so I was stone cold sober, but she - on the contrary, though, like any glamorous stupid girl she swears that she never took anything stronger than liqueur chocolates) - I said I still loved her and I wanted her.

She looked incredulously. I stood up, loomed over her, literally pinned her to the chair and began to kiss her avidly and passionately. She always liked it before, but now I was especially wild - I was driven by anger.

She resisted feebly, and then, clearly shocked she sat down on the sofa. I unzipped my pants and pulled out already standing cock. Then, with a crooked grin, I told her to suck. She, slowly muttering something, stared at my sticking out dick. Having come closer, I drove it in her mouth. (At that moment, I was praying to myself that she wouldn’t bite - once that has already happened to her, thank God, this time nothing such-like happened)

She groaned and began sucking, trying to caress just the head, but I was firmly pecking her almost to the tonsils. When she cried, I pulled it out, she fell on her back, I pulled off her blouse (although, I don't know how the fuck this women stuff is called, maybe a top) - the fabric cracked and I bared her tits. 

Brutally I squeezed her chest - usually I just gently massage it, but now it was not the case - I started to call her a slut, a whore, but that only made her very horny - just what I wanted. She took off her shorts and I started ramming her pussy brutally. She screamed - it was clear she was getting no pleasure with such a hard fuck.

She opened her mouth, don't know why, perhaps from the pain or something, but at that moment I didn't care, she was begging: "Take pity on my pussy, easier, please, sweetie, I love you...". 

I became even angrier - again she ran to me, throwing that "real man" skinhead and she didn’t even worry about that. I reached out to her, as if for a kiss and spat in her mouth. She freaking stared at me and I laughed, trying to tear her by torturing in addition to the cock, I tormented her pussy with fingers, I asked, what about that one in the army?

Then she twitched and started yelling that he would come and kill me, but I just squeezed her breast, forcing her to abort her threat by screaming. Suddenly she shut up and began doing upward movements, and after a couple of seconds she came, having dropped a bombshell on me. Fuck! It was supposed to be a sexual assault!

I pulled my dick out and walked her to the bedroom, knowing that there she kept her "tough toys". She was crying, occasionally swearing at me. I threw her on the bed, took just two (she had three of them, but they were a bit less in diameter than my dick), and roughly thrust them in, almost to the ground. It was rather hard, her pussy is fucked out though, but still narrow, besides that never ending howling... I don’t understand, why the neighbors didn’t come to pinch me.

Then I rubbed my cock over her tightly pressed lips and came on her face and the chest, then I wiped the remnants over her tits and a couple of times I spat on her face. Then I tied her to the bed by sheets (not tight, but enough to keep her that way for half an hour). I turned on the vibrators to the maximum power, got dressed and made away.

After that incident, I have not seen her any longer at all. Don't know what has happened to her. 7 years have passed, but there is neither sight, nor sound of her…