Where to start my story? My name is Vadim, several years ago graduated College, I work and succeed in business. For several months I’ve been living with the girl I love. Consider myself heterosexual, although I had the thought of homosexual relationship. I tell you, these same thoughts excited me extremely. I always wanted to try sucking cock. This summer, when my girlfriend left for the village to have a rest, long time I spent in the Internet, digging the porn sites and dating sites. I came across one gay who wrote that he was a great partner in sex, and loved sucking most of all. He was persuading me to let him suck my dick. Well, I had nothing to do, and my girl had already been a few weeks in the village, and I had no sex. I decided to try.

We met on the street, I immediately recognized him, he was a typical gay with manners... We came to some apartment of his friend, I was shuddering. He lay down on the bed and began to undress. I sheepishly looked at him and sat down there like a dolt. He told me:

- Why aren’t you getting undressed?

And I undressed and lay down beside him. He took my still soft penis in his hand, and shoved it in his mouth. With that my cock got up immediately, and he liked it.

- You’ve got such a big dick, - he said and again started caressing my dick with his sweet lips. He was doing deep blowjob, I could feel my cock rubbing against his throat, the feeling was awesome. No girl sucked me so perfect, honestly. After a long caressing my cock with his lips he noticed that I was looking at his taut penis and offered to take it in my hand. I took his cock, my heart was beating faster, and I suddenly longed to shove it in my mouth. I did that. I licked his cock and for the first time I felt the taste of his penis and began to suck greedily. He exclaimed that for the first time, I was good at it and if I wanted, I could be one of the best suckers in the country. In general, I sucked his cock with such pleasure that I almost came. 

Then we started doing blowjob to each other in the 69 position, then we switched the pose and continued. It was so nice that I did not notice how it had taken three hours, as we had been sucking each other's dicks. I was late for work. And since it was already late going there, I decided to go on great sex with a man. He was lying on his back and I was on top thrusting my cock in his mouth, that was soooooo pleasant. I came in his mouth, and the sperm was flowing over his lips, and I kissed his sweet mouth soaked with my semen. Then again I began sucking his cock until he came in my mouth, his cum was the most delicious I had ever tried, and I swallowed it with pleasure. 

After a short break, when we kissed, he put a condom on my penis and I started fucking him in the ass, he groaned sweetly, I loved it, and I came the second time. Then we parted and never saw each other again as the dating website, where we found each other, was unfortunately closed, pity. Up to this day, I’ve been dreaming to meet him or such-like wonderful guy to suck each other’s dicks.