About our becoming swingers

I have lived with my wife for about five years - when our sexual relationship began to wane. In order to revive it, I was persuading Ira to try group sex. Long time she refused, but after all I got her persuaded! Ira agreed, but on condition that she will be drunk. I talked to my friend Sasha, who many times told me when drunk that if she wasn't my wife, he would have gladly fucked her in all the holes. I described to Sasha all Irina’s driving points - so to say, I conducted an educational program.

And so, on another weekend Sasha came to us. Ira was already drunk and behaved quite uninhibited. To start with something we decided to play cards on the stripping at stake. The game was going the way that I practically didn’t lose, but Sasha and Ira were losing by turns. When Sasha remained wearing just briefs, my wife still had very erotic panties and the bra on. She lost another game and we offered her to decide what to take off. Ira said, she was shy about her chest (although she had magnificent tits) and stood before us, slowly removing her panties. I looked at Sasha and saw his cock trying to break out from the briefs. He was eating my wife’s cunt with his eyes. Then again Ira lost and we got the chance to see her tits. So she had nothing else to put at stake, and she staked oral sex. I cheated a little and Ira lost to Sasha. As Ira hesitated to begin with me seeing that, I came out of the room to wait.

Soon I heard the sofa creaking her voice saying, "Kiss my chest". I came into the room and saw such a picture: my wife lying with her back down, the legs moved apart, and Sasha kissing her breast and his right hand caressing between her legs. Ira saw me and called to come to them. I kissed her and lay down with my head to her feet. Meanwhile, Sasha spread her legs wider and started to lick Irina’s cunt. Irina turned her head to me and took my cock in her mouth, after a couple of minutes I reminded her there were two of us. My wife took Sasha’s cock in her another hand as well and began sucking two dicks in turns.

After a while I got up and offered Sasha to go on with more resolute action. Sasha lifted up Irina's legs, spread them wider and thrust his rod down to his balls. Ira moaned doing forward movements. I was sitting in the armchair watching another man fucking my wife. The spectacle was very exciting, so I came up to them and shoved my cock in my wife's mouth. She smacked it with great pleasure. Watching Ira with the cock in her mouth, Sasha was cumming. Ira turned to him and set her mouth to the jet of his sperm, she swallowed it all and licked Sasha’s cock over.

We had a short smoke break and went on. Sasha lay down across the sofa, I put my head on his lap, Ira sat on my dick astride and took Sasha’s dick in her mouth. She was pulling herself on my cock and sucked Sasha's at the same time. Just at several centimeters from my eyes my wife sucked, licked and kissed the cock of another man. After a while, Sasha said that he had already had her in her mouth and in the cunt and now he wanted to try Ira’s ass. Irina agreed, saying that she long wanted to try two dicks at the same time - in the pussy and in the ass.

Sasha got a place from behind and drove in. Ira felt like electricity ran through her. She was cumming fiercely. Then she lay on her back and asked us both to cum in her mouth. We have risen above her, Ira took both our cocks licking them simultaneously. We pulled up her legs and stimulated her cunt and the ass. Very soon we came in her mouth. My wife drank our sperm with pleasure and licked our cocks.

That night we tried many more positions. We banged her in the doggy-style, standing, sticking both cocks in her pussy. Tired and satisfied Ira fell asleep holding my cock in her hand and Sasha’s cock in her mouth.


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