A letter to the girlfriend

Hello, Masechka. I want to tell you my story.

One day I invited my girlfriend to my place. I really like her. She has huge and raised boobs and her figure is very well-shaped. So she agreed and I was very happy thinking about nice spending my day. In the evening I decided to take a bath and asked her if she wanted to be close to me. She agreed. In the bathroom, I was undressing slowly, and same slowly unbuttoning the bra. I turned to her, and then I saw how hot she was looking at me. Then I asked her if she wanted to take a bath with me? She didn't answer to my question, she just stood up and started to undress. I quickly asked her to let me do that! I kissed her soft lips and my hands quickly freed her tits from the bra. Then I moved my tongue lower, pausing on the one of the nipples. I was running my tongue around in circular movements. I felt my girlfriend shaking and how wet I became inside. Then I kissed her on the lips and went on down. With my teeth I pulled her white panties down and saw her shaved bald pussy.

At that moment the bathtub was filled up and we got in. I seated her on the edge of the tub, parted her thighs, and with my tongue I started licking and sucking her clit, she was dripping wet. I wet my finger with her moisture and began running it back and forth, while the other hand caressing her swollen tits.

She moved forward, silently moaning. I was caressing her with my tongue in time with her hips swaying. I explored her all private parts. I gently inserted the second finger in her anus and the first one into her vagina and pressed them together.

The cry of pleasure filled the bathroom and we both came brightly. Then my girlfriend kissed me caressing my breasts, and running her tongue between them. Two her fingers caressed my clitoris looking like a berry, then she began to suck my tits and rubbing between my legs faster. I moaned and writhed under her. I pressed her to my pussy and she was biting my clit a little. I could no longer restrain myself, so I came. After a short rest and having flushed the water, she asked me to show her how I masturbate, and I agreed.

I took a shower, setting the desired stream power and turned it to my pussy. Slowly I began running it over the aroused pussy, closed my eyes, moaning and I noticed my girlfriend licking my crotch. I was extremely excited, she drank all my moisture to the last drop and thus making me cum brightly... Later she came to me many times again and each time we invented new ways of satisfaction.

I hope you liked my story. I kiss your pussy. So long, Masechka.


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