Twisted love

My wife is a real bitch. She has dug dirt up on me and now she does to me anything she wants. Don't you believe? Then I’ll tell you. 

We got married very early, I was 19 and she was 18. She was my first love. Don't know how many men she had already had by that time, but she was sure not a "virgin". So, we got married. We lived like everyone else. Sometimes we quarreled, of course, not without it. But who doesn't? All this rather brightened up our monotonous days. All was well until my bitch got to know I used to visit a prostitute. She even followed me. She found out where she lived, and came to her place.

I don't know what they were talking about, but my wife changed immediately. I think that fucking whore told her that I love to obey, love to kiss feet and probably about the "water sports". In the evening my wife came home, smiled slyly to me and went to sleep. And I was not even allowed to go to bed. She just blurted out, that she wouldn’t sleep together with spineless creature.

Well, at first, I did not attach any importance to that. Time is a cure. She's human too, she wants to fuck. So I need to wait a bit. But no dice. About a week I wasn’t allowed to have her, and in the end she says: “You cheated on me with a whore, so I’ll invite her for you to our home. You see how I care of you. Go on cheating, you are welcome.” I couldn't believe it. She called a prostitute? I was shocked! I wish I thought about that well, why she was so nice, but I was a fool listening to her all ears. 

So my prostitute came to us, her name was Masha. She smiled to my wife, she bitch was just leaving the house. “Don't want to watch the shame, I’d better have a walk”, she said. Why couldn’t I guess? I saw their sly smiles. Well, I am a moron.

Masha and I had fun the whole night. IN the end she pissed in my mouth and I licked her asshole. That’s where I failed!!! My bitch wife set cameras around the house and recorded everything. Can you imagine the dirt she got! Ass licking and pissing in the mouth. 

If someone sees that at my place of work, I'm done. The rest of my days I’ll be hiding from people. I'm a public person. Everyone in the city knows me. I’ll have to run away from the city and very, very far away.

In the morning, as nothing had happened my wife turns on those recordings for me. “Look”, she says, “Who are you after that?” I was close to kill her. So she said to me, if I touch her, I’d be sorry for that. I thought, that’s true, I’d better not touch her. And she told me what if she would entertain me that way. And I agreed. She is very nice looking. She is beautiful, many men are looking back her. I was scared before even to hint about it, and now she offers herself. That’s how it turned out to be.

But again, I forgot about those cameras. And she recorded again her pissing and me swallowing. Now I’m really in troubles. No way to run. And in the evening she brought a collar, and when I refused to get it on, she told me about recordings. After a few days, there appeared floggers, handcuffs, vibrators and so on. Even a special toilet. A woman is sitting at the top, pissing, and the guy at the bottom licking her. First, it was wild to do that with my wife. And now I even like it. I myself ask her about that, it’s like a reward for me.

Now I'm rushing home after work, interesting what my missus thought up? Very interesting. Now it's not boring at all with her. On the contrary, I can’t live without her. I love her more and more. Don't you believe? 

She beats me with rods, I sleep on the rug beside the bed. She fucks me in the ass with rubber dildos, even bigger ones. I drink just her urine. I lick her ass after her visits to the toilet. I still love her. Madly.


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