Wedding anniversary

I’ll tell you my story.

Actually I met a girl, her name was Ira. She is 10 years younger than me and I'm 28. We spent unforgettable night in the hotel. The next day her friend Vika with her husband Igor invited us for a visit to celebrate their wedding anniversary. We bought some wine and came to them. We sat down at the table. Vika sat next to me and Ira next to Igor. I thought it strange. Vika is a tall blonde with big boobs. I liked her very much from the first meeting, but I knew she was married and didn’t intend to touch her. We drank a glass of wine each and turned on the music talking about something. Igor was embracing Irina's waist, stroking her tits. And then Vika put her hand down on my pants and took my cock with her hand. He had already been erect. I closed my eyes for a second. When I opened them I saw Igor in front of us kissing my girlfriend Irina already topless. To me that was even more exciting. Ira was also turned on by that very much. She quickly took off my pants and took my dick in her mouth sucking it. 

Irina and Igor were already completely naked and moved to the sofa. The sofa was large and we quickly took off our clothes as well and moved to them. Igor and I lay down on the sofa. The girls took our dicks in their mouths and sat down with their own pussies on our faces. That was just great. The idea that I fuck Vika in front of her husband wound me up much. Then the girls got on our cocks and began kissing each other. So we had cum, I in Vika and Igor in my Ira. Then we lay on the sides and the girls between us. Irina lay beside me, and Vika next to Igor. The girls were passionately kissing each other and we got very excited with that. I stroked Ira’s pussy covered with cum. I I was kissing and licking her pussy turning her more and more on and she came at last. Igor followed my example. Ira wanted me to lay back. She sat her pussy on my face and her mouth sucking my cock, Vika joined her and together they sucked me on. At that moment Igor walked over to my Ira's pussy and entered her. He got rather big dick that excited me much. I was licking Ira’s pussy and his cock was fucking her. From time to time he got his dick out and I took it in my mouth (it was the first time I was sucking a cock, but I really liked it). He came in her pussy. There was so much sperm, and it was flowing right in my mouth. She was very hot and tasty. It came out of her not at once. When he took out his cock, the sperm dripped out of her pussy and he gave me his cock to lick over. At that moment I came in Vika’s mouth. Igor approached her and began kissing. I kissed Irina. So we fell asleep together.

In the morning we woke up early and went into the shower. We came out of the bathroom. Igor and Ira went ato the shower after us. We sat and drank wine when we heard moaning in the bathroom. Vika immediately took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. I lay back and enjoyed. How beautiful she was! Igor with Irina stepped out of the bathroom. They saw this picture. Igor’s protruding penis approached Vika from behind he entered her. She was moaning aloud. Ira sat on the chair and began fondling herself looking at us. I called her to sit on my face, and she quickly did it. I licked her pussy and she kissed Igor. Then Igor sat down on the sofa and the girls had done an awesome Blowjob and sweet kisses. We again were showered and went home. At home I was waited by my wife with preaching. But everything was fine. I cannot wait for another such a night.


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