Two of them

I met Tatiana recently, but we have already managed to try everything. Once after a certain number of alcoholic beverages we decided to have some fun. It all began quite casually: cunnilingus with blowjob, then 69 position, vaginal sex, anal sex. But our intoxicated with liquor brains wanted something more and we took out some toys: a strap-on and a dildo (22*5 cm - this is our main hero). Strap-on was immediately inserted in me, I thrust it in my ass and not to lose it I put on lacy red panties. 

We decided to go on with the doggy-style position. I drove my cock in her vagina and the dildo I tried to shove in her ass. It was not very comfortable, so I rested the dildo against my stomach and moved the hands away... After about 5 minutes I realized that the dildo was absent, after searching the bed and the floor I was horrified to see the reality and slowly get sober up. Sticking my finger in Tanya’s ass I realized that the dildo fell inside of her ass completely and I can't get it back out. I sobered up in a moment, Tanya did not understand anything and went on pulling on my cock. 

I stopped and began explaining the situation, but everything was useless, she was giggling, saying I was cheating. Then I went to the trick and offered her anal fisting, she naturally agreed. Now imagine a situation - without lubrication it hurt her, so I had to lubricate the hand constantly, but with lubricant I could not grab the dildo. Tanya moaned having fun, and with sad face I was trying to shove a hand in the ass and get the dildo back out.... It was wrong but I couldn’t help laughing. After about 40 minutes of torture I did it, Tanya's face stretched out when I pulled that motherfucker out of her ass... that day we didn’t have sex anymore.

People! Engaging in anal sex with toys remember about my occasion... of course, now, remembering that we are laughing.


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