The sex of my dream

There was the time when was working as a security guard. My duties included: personal guard of the chief, and, consequently, partial control of the office.

Mila was a secretary of our chief – a slender blonde, with big boobs she always emphasized with her clothing.

She used to come to work without panties, but always in stockings – so the boss could fuck her easier. And this happened all the time.

My workplace was close to her secretarial. All day long I, as a rule, was not so busy and I could watch her. When she bent down I could see her pussy – she always wore skirts with cuts, stockings and high heels. Her breasts have always been so tightened with a blouse with deep neckline that I could see the dark circles of the nipples. I had constant erection. Especially when I saw her tits and the pussy and when the chief called her and I heard her screaming.

Judging by her cries, he fucked her brutally. One day when the door was ajar, I saw her standing in the doggy-style pose at his desk. She was wearing nothing but stockings, bending, and taking the huge cock of the chief and moaning wildly.

Sometimes his partners werew visiting him and they fucked her all two, three or even four of them. And judging by her shining eyes when she came out of the office of the meeting room, it brought her incredible pleasure.

She was unthinkably sexy. Every night I dreamed to fuck her in all positions.

And once, apparently, she did something wrong before the boss. He called her and shouted loudly. Then he groaned (again he, probably, fucked her), then she went silent and was just moaning softly and that was when she usually sucked. My cock was standing up, as usual. I wanted to go out and jerk off a little bit, when he called me to his office.

When I came in, this slut was standing in the doggy-style position in his office. She was without panties and the blouse only in stockings, stiletto heels and the skirt. She was standing, arching her back and the legs spread.

- Want her? - asked the boss. - I know, you do. So fuck her! Now.

He sat at the table, wanking his cock. No wonder she screamed when he fucked her, especially when in the ass.

My cock was almost bursting. I approached that bitch, unzipped my fly, and drove in. In a second I was already furiously fucking her, and she was screaming. Oh, how she screamed and arched under! This continued until the boss approached her and gagged her mouth with his cock, forcing her to suck.

And I, knowing that I wouldn’t have another chance, I entered her anus.

She howled with a huge cock boss in the mouth and with mine in the ass.

I saw him cumming in her mouth. She was howling all that time. By gesture, he showed that I could cum in her pussy. But I wanted to cum on her anus.

I filled her whole ass up. She was screaming, and arching under the jets of sperm.

The next day I was fired. And I even know why.


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