Evening in the park

I remember that day in details. All fell from my hands, things were going terribly, failure followed failure. Don't know, apparently, shit happens. Or is it payback for what happened then... at least, to dispel nostalgia I went to the park, hoping to drink beer there. Of course, it was scary to go, still it was a bad day, and cops could rake me in, but I was so tired that I didn't even think about that possibility. On the way to the park, I ran to the kiosk and picked up a jar of light beer. Getting drunk is not my style, just relaxing with a small dose of alcohol. I opened the jar and the smell of malt lifted up my mood. On the happy note, I went to the park and just after another step I saw her. 

In my entire life I have never seen such a beautiful girl: long reddish hair, small tits, perfectly shaped and slim waist, charming and lovely ass. I closed my eyes and pictured her naked. Yes... From this picture before my eyes I got pretty much excited, so finishing my beer and plucking up courage I ran to meet her.

- Girl, wait! - I shouted. She turned around sharply, thereby forcing the skirt to ride up that slightly lifted the strip of her panties. - Girl, you know, as soon as I saw you, in my heart something started and I wanted to meet you...

- Young man, you know... - at that point she stared at me. I would not say that I’m highly a handsome. Just average body type, except that the last 3 years in the fitness and sports category I packed up some muscles making the shirt slightly puff up. And the mixture of blue eyes and dark skin make me attractive, but I'm afraid only for some girls... - ...After seeing you I decided to agree to have a walk with you. My name is Alina and you? 

Apparently, I was lucky and she liked me. And everything spun around and we exchanged compliments, I began timidly to touch her and slowly undress her with my eyes. So imperceptibly we came to a deserted lake, located on the outskirts of the park.

- Alina, you know, with every second passed I like you more and more.

- I see, - she said, and giggled in the fist, - Since the beginning of our walk your tent on the pants is growing noticeably in size. She winked at me.

I didn't know what to do. With one hand I was a little bit confused, but on the other hand I really wanted to have sex with a new girl, but where...

- I see you want me, - Alina interrupted my thoughts, - So what are you waiting for, take me right here.

For me it was a complete surprise. For a moment I was a little stunned, but decided not to get lost and with fluid movement put her down on the lawn. I covered her face, the neck and the lips with my kisses. She tried to respond with kisses, but I didn't let her take the initiative. I started to undress her, exploring her body with my hands. Touching her tits with my lips, I was running my tongue around the areola of the nipples, sucking them from time to time. Alina was getting more and more excited, she already took off her panties without removing the skirt.

- Come on, fuck me now! - the words of Alina, full of passion swept away the last barrier and I entered her, forcing a low moan off her lips. A lot of moans I heard that night when I had sex with a stranger girl in the park.


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