In the bathroom

Recently I discovered the bathroom for me... No, that's not what you thought - of course, I take a bath regularly, but.. Recently, when washing up my pussy, I accidentally pushed the shower head switch and the water struck from the head with three tight jets falling down on the clitoris with pressure... Oh!!! The feeling was awesome... It cannot be compared with anything I ever felt! And since that day , as soon as I had free time and no one is home, I quickly rush into the shower. 

 I was just entering the bathroom, when the tremor of anticipation were running over my feet. The hair on my pussy instantly got wet and the nipples grew aroused beginning to thrust through the thin robe. Frantically removing all the clothes and quivering with impatience, I turned on the water in the bathtub and lay on the back, the legs spread wide.

 Picking up the shower and switching it to the single stream mode I'm turning the taut jet to the shuddering in anticipation of a painful affection clit and beginning quietly running the shower up and down, and the other hand pushing aside the swollen vulvar lips as wide as possible. Water is beating on the clitoris, and I’m cumming with sweet convulsions, uttering groans, which would be excellent background for any porn movie. The pleasure I received, was comparable to nothing, orgasm overtook me again and again , the strength to scream was gone and I was just quietly moaning..

 Once I was spending time caressing my precious pussy in the bathroom and suddenly it seemed to me as if in the bathroom there was a draught or subtle wind blowing. When I opened my eyes, I saw the shower curtain was moved aside and I was being watched by my husband. Sweatpants at the level of the groin were stretched to the limit making a big tent. He took the shower and began to caress my clit. I was cumming over and over again and unable to bear such a spectacle, my husband crawled into the tub and without a second hesitation, he turned me back to him and took me in the ass. It was incredible! Pain and pleasure overwhelmed me in waves, the legs did not hold me any longer and I once again fell down on the bottom of the tub. 

When I stopped shaking with the endless orgasm, my husband helped me out of the tub, wrapped in the towel and took me to the room. Since then, the bathroom became one of my favorite places in the apartment, where I could stay for hours...


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