Party. November, the 9-th, my friend’s birthday. I was naturally at the forefront of the invited people. There was a sea of alcohol, beautifully laid tables, good desserts. Quickly all the guests cheered, and the party in honor of the birthday turned into a total farce, but everyone loved that and I was of that number. About two o'clock the guests were leaving one by one. Sergey invited me to stay overnight, I did it often, so I agreed. We said good bye to the last guests and went into the living room. Sergey pulled out of the bar a good and aged cognac and offered a drink. We talked for hours, laughed and discussed the past evening. I didn't notice my head swimming a bit. Sergey walked me to the bedroom and in the authoritative tone he insisted I would take a shower. 

I got to the bathroom, undressed and turned on the cool water, I immediately sobered slightly, the only thing I ever wanted at that moment was about a soft bed. After the shower I was completely nude, got into the bed and went to sleep. In my sleep I heard my door opened, but I kept my eyes closed, I didn’t care of anything. I had someone very gently kissed me on the lips, I thought it was a beautiful dream I saw. I sweetly turned over on my back, trying to get comfortable, but not to get out of this crazy dream. Suddenly I felt someone slipped under the blanket between my legs with very pleasant and delicate skin. I opened my eyes and saw there really was someone there. I decided not to do anything. I just spread my legs wider. 

The person who was under the blanket, was gently caressing my legs, getting closer to my pussy. My breath was getting shorter, the dope vanished from the head. I was waiting Someone's tongue touched my shaven lips, my hips moved upward him, in the head everything messed up. I was getting crazy with the thought that someone’s lips are caressing me. I was burning with curiosity. I felt lustful passion running through my veins, I was dying to feel more of those caresses. This playful tongue gradually began very blatantly getting into my folds, and definitely to lick me. I felt lustful passion was running over the body, I wanted more and more of those strange caresses. But suddenly someone’s finger got into the pussy and started to fondle me intensively. 

I almost went crazy with this pleasure, I felt like I've grown an overwhelming desire to cum in his mouth, I did it! long time I haven’t got such a bright orgasm. When it was over, I felt my lover comes up to me, to reveal his real face. And to my surprise, when the blanket opened up, I saw a beautiful girl. Very stunning, I was shocked. She kissed me on the lips, very gracefully stood up and left the room. It was unforgettable! Stayed for life!


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