My Lord

I was in love with my boyfriend Egor. We had been dating a month and he was 5 years older than me. I wanted to yield to him. And once he invited me to his place, after stating that no one will be home. He was much more experienced than me and I was excited. I knew that today he would take my virginity. I was wearing a skirt, fishnet tights and a cropped top. Neither a bra, nor panties.

When I entered his apartment, I realized that he was ready. As soon as I came in the room, I heard him locking the door. I turned around and wanted to come and kiss him, but he firmly said "on your knees, whore!" I obeyed. I was always excited by a slight submissive to the male.

He unzipped his fly and pulled my mouth on his cock. He furiously fucked me in the mouth. Occasionally he let me take the air. It lasted for 15 minutes, finally he came. He forced me to swallow all his cum. He ordered to kneel down. For another 10 minutes, I was just standing there, afraid to move. Finally he appeared. He came up and struck me hard on the right cheek. I screamed, but I loved it. And he seemed to understand that. He stepped aside and stood looking at me with a grin. And I realized what I needed to do. I felt like a whore, his whore. And I loved it. I bent down to kiss his feet, shouting, "I'm your whore, Master. You can dispose me as you want. Only hit me again. I'm begging you." He smiled. He walked over and began slapping on my cheeks. After about 50 strokes his cheeks burned, and I fell to the floor. "On your knees, slut!" - shouted the Master. But I did not obeyed, I started to remove my skirt and the tights with the words "Fuck me, Sir. I'm your cock-sucker, I'm your whore." It was pleasant to him. Then I posed doggy-style. And I was begging him to fuck me.

He jerked and thrust his 20cm dick in. He fucked me roughly. He constantly slapped on my butt on the ass, saying "Oh, you slut. Ah, you're the worst whore". I was screaming hysterically and begging him not to stop. He fucked me fiercely. He got almost completely out and then rudely thrust in me.

Then he suddenly came out, and I didn't have time to recover, as he thrust his cock in my ass dwn to the ground. He shoved his fingers in my mouth and fucked on and on and on. Fucking in the ass was very painful, but I could not deny my Lord. We came at the same time. Then I sucked his cock, and he allowed me to get dressed.

After that he offered me a glass of wine and walked to the door.

I turned around to kiss and thank him, but he gave me a cracking slap with the words "What do you think you are doing, slut! I don't want your kisses. Soon, I'll call you, and you’ll be living a whore life always. That’s it. Get out of my apartment."

After that we had not seen each other for a week, and then he called me. But that's another story.


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