On vacation

This summer I was out with my friend Tatiana in the city at the black sea. It all started with the fact that on my birthday Tatiana introduced me to her old friend Olga. She was very sexy: short brunette with the tits of 3 size and a round ass. I told Tanya that I wanted Olga. Well spent time in the cafe, we took a walk and pictures and, of course, drank well in the honor of the birthday, so we went together to our place. 

Having bought on the way some simple snacks, we began to empty the bottle of Baileys prepared in advance. I walked out of the room for natural needs. I know Tanya a long time, I have to say that Tanya is strongly straight and has no passion for girls, she can be in the same bed with them, but she never longed for a "pussy"... what was my surprise when I entered the room and saw Olga on the back with her skirt up, and Tanya actively caressing her with the tongue. To say I fell into a stupor means to say nothing. In the end I approached them closer beginning to observe. I had seen a mutual female affection, but compared to those they seemed innocent kisses on the cheek between friends. 

You've probably seen in a porn movie two girls passionately caressing each other, but live it is much more attractive, sexier and lustful... and you can see amazing close-ups. Tanya kept Olga’s legs moved up and apart, her tongue was slightly touching the clitoris and the vulvar lips, or it was penetrating into her dripping pussy. Sometimes the tongue went lower and touched the anus ring of her and she was moaning even brighter. Tanya bent Olga’s legs to her chest, pinned them with one hand and on the second she moistened her finger trying to thrust it in the ass and still fondling the clit... what a sight!!!! My cock seemed to burst swollen with tension ... and then Tanya beckoned me to her... I came up, and she pulled off my shorts, took my dick and dragged me to Olga’s ass, and turned me to her pussy... Slowly entering I savored every moment. Her pussy was hot and very very wet. 

I heard Tanya’s voice: "And now in the ass!". Pulling the cock from the pussy I put the cock head to the pink ringlet of Olga’s anus and slowly pushing I watched the head penetrating in, and here it’s all in. I keep on entering and after a while my cock appeared entirely in her. I'm playing with Olga’s ass, either slowly taking my cock completely out, or then again inserting it in the ass, then suddenly pecking her with excitement... Excited I can’t hold it back long enough and having got most deeply I’m cumming in Olga. 

"Happy birthday, darling!" whispered Tanya in my ear.


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