My slave

Night. Forest. Leaves are rustling, the breeze is blowing easily.

You are following me completely naked, but wearing shoes. 

You are very handsome... Height 198cm, weight 100kg. Broad shoulders, muscular arms, flat stomach with cubes of muscles, taut ass and slender long legs. Your white skin shimmers in the moonlight. Your blonde hair is waving slightly in the wind.

I love you, but you are my slave and it's true.

Black collar with spikes is shining on your neck. I'm taking you through the woods.

You are devoted to me and fulfill all my desires...

- Your back to the tree!

Fixing your arms around the tree, tying with a rope. The eyes blindfolded with silk black scarf.

You are standing here so majestic and handsome. No one knows, but you love submission. I love to feel my power upon you. The crowds of girls are chasing you, but I’m the only one touching you and doing whatever I want to.

My whip is stroking your shoulders, the torso... the black leather strips are sliding over your body... I'm getting excited...

You are pleased and slightly cold under the breeze, you're shivering a little, wincing with every touch of the whiplash.

The sharp whistle of the whip and red stripes appear on your shoulder...

I’m running the whip lower and put it on your belly, flogging you. Your breath is broken, but you are silent.

I love watching you suffering... I’d better take a crop, I like it better.

I’m hitting you with the crop on the ankles, on the torso, leaving red streaks on your body.

Slightly tapping on the testicles, on the penis...

You are getting excited. You're hurt and feeling nice at the same time.

Your beautiful cock is getting up and here it’s up completely. The pure drop of precum is shining on the tip of the cock head. Mmmm... so tempting.

I come and lick it off. Hugging and kissing with my lips. My tongue is touching your testicles softly.

Your breathing is becoming deeper.

Sharply hitting your testicles. Harder, harder on.

- Mistress, you're hurting me. Mercy, Lady...

- Shut Up, Slave! I am to decide when enough is enough!

I’m gagging your mouth and flogging you at the same time. I'm all wound up and my pussy’s getting wet... 

Untying you...

Spreading out a blanket, lying on it...

- Lick me so that I could come. Quicker!

You are licking my flower, holding on every petal.

Playing with me with the tongue, and the lips... Mmmm... Yes!

The wave of orgasm covers me up. I'm cumming.

- Great. Now you can cum. Help yourself.

You are taking your cock and jerking off.

- Cum on my tits. I'm kind today.

- Yes, my mistress.

You are cumming... We’re dressing up and going out of the woods.

We're just a couple again. You're my husband, and I’m your wife.


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