Kate, punishment

- Wanna be punished?

- Yes, yes, please, I've been very bad.

- Get stripped completely, get down on your all fours, I'm going to flog you.

It was obvious she wanted that much, her lust was mind-boggling. On the floor there were her panties and the t-shirt. She was standing before me with her ass invitingly sticking out.

- Well, show me your ass!

She spread her buttocks, revealing her anus

- Have you been fucked in there this week?

- Yes, it was some unknown guy, he fucked me after the party on Friday, and in the ass as well.

- Did you like that, bitch?

- Yes, very much.

- Was it painfulk?

- Yes, at first, but then it became sweet. Punish me, please, punish me.

She squirmed her ass. The first blow of the whip fell on her ass, leaving a bright trace. She screamed, but immediately buried herself into the pillow. The punches flew one after the other, on the back, on her hips and on the butt. She howled, but moving invitingly.

- On your back, bitch!

She turned over and then jerked convulsively, she was hurt, her entire back and the ass were streaked.

- Spread your legs, you should be seriously punished, give me your panties.

She picked up the panties and handed them to me, dutifully spreading her legs, she knew what was coming.

- Open your mouth.

I stuck the panties in her mouth. They were sticking out. It looked wildly arousing: she was lying before me naked, with her legs spread, her glistening red cunt and her mouth with the panties sticking out. 

- Caress yourself.

Her hand ran between her legs, she was rubbing her slit, penetrating her fingers in. She rolled her eyes and groaned.

I hit her with a whip between her legs, on her hands, but she never broke away, her eyes flowed with tears, but she didn’t stop stimulating herself. Blow, another blow, and she jerked faster, harder and deeper.

- Take your hands away.

I slapped on her cunt, then the inner side of the thighs, then on the nipples protruding so beautifully.

- Jerk off!

She got down to jerk off again fiercely. 

She came under the blow of the whip. Brightly with two fingers inside.

I pulled the panties out of her mouth.

- Wanna be fucked in the ass?

- Yes... - She exhaled that “Yes”, and she was already on her knees, parting her buttocks with the hands. 

I did not even bother to lubricate, she was all dripping wet, so I got in slow, and then immediately all in. I fucked her not long, but with gusto, beating her ass, she was trembling.

- More, more!

The blows rained down on her ass, I grabbed her long hair and still spanking, I fucked her faster and faster on.

- Cum, cum in me, cum in my ass, please! She knew I love when she’s begging and pleading.

She came again, with the dick in the ass. A little later I caught her up and came, filling her ass with cum. 

She was lying, sticking out her ass with the cum leaking out. The back was streaked because of spanking, and the ass, as well. She was all wet.

- Come again in a couple of days, I'll call you and punish you again, got it?

- Yes…


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