Could you surprise a hooker

Could you surprise a hooker?

- Lera, how long have you been in this?

- Five years, probably. About that, yeah...

- Ever thought to quit?

- To quit? How would I pay my apartment rent? And my son... The salary of a seamstress wouldn’t give us any good future.

- OK... But this... m-m-m... work… It’s dangerous, isn’t it? Have there been some incidents with clients?

- It depends. One former prisoner almost broke my nose, that bastard! Men are often drunk, and you can expect anything from the drunken men!

- Have you come across strange clients?

- Perverts or what? There’s a shit-ton of those! There, about a month ago it was like that: One bald motherfucker took me to the Korean restaurant. Well, we are sitting, eating... Much food, by the way… and then going to his place... There were a white-white carpet on the floor and a chair in the corner, that’s all.

"Sit down, – he says and have a rest". Well, I think he's shy and wants to get ready, but he says: "Lera, when you need to go to the toilet – tell me!"

"What?", and he said, "I want you to shit on my face!" Can you imagine that? Damn it! "That’s it, - I think, – Lera is gone!". This psycho wouldn’t let me go alive! And he’s saying to me: "You, Lera, don't worry! I won’t hurt you and you’ll get paid well... Just do as I ask you!" 

I say, "And if I wouldn’t want to go number two till the morning"? And he says: "Don't worry, Lera! I remember your wage is per hour... if in the morning – let it be in the morning"

- That sounds crazy! Well, what did you do?

- Well, what could I do? Sitting, waiting. No TV, no magazines... Well, at least the purse with make-up was with me, or I would have died of boredom...

- And there, you know, that food, Korean... Well, after all, my belly had swollen. Hard to realize whether you go number two, or... Oh! I don't know how to tell you that! You don’tr know whether to laugh or cry! Several times his bald face got under my ass and there's just a wind... Oh, I feel uncomfortable telling that.

- All right, Lera! Don't worry... And what then?

- Well, then? By the evening, I finally did it – I stood over him from above and laid a brick on him! I ran aside thinking, "Ah! Now that psycho’s gonna kill me!"

- And what about him?

- He rubbed it all over his face and ran to the bathroom... to wash, I guess... I'm standing in the corner, neither alive, nor dead, and then, suddenly, a hand from behind the wall throws the wallet and the keys from the front door, and this psycho shouting out from behind the wall: - "Take all the money you find there and go! Slut!" Well, "slut" is a slut... I'm taking money – and getting out... 

- And he?

- And he stayed over there...

- Yes, your work is creepy... Lera!

- Well, it is, of course, but the most people are tolerable.

- I got it... with weird ones, everything is clear... And what about funny incidents, have you had any?

- I have had, really. Once I was ordered by one Ma’am. Well, I came to satisfy her lesbian fantasies and went back home. Suddenly, after a couple of hours – I had a call to the same address. Only then it was a man. I went there... it was classic, oral, anal... Coming home, going to take a shower – a call again: the youngster is ordering, and again the same address! "Shit!" – I think! “If I knew, I would have stayed over there sitting on the bench at the entrance outside! So much dough on taxis would be saved!

All in all, I come to the kid... There is also a standard scheme – "to and fro"... But the most interesting was later! After a week one old man came to me and said:

- Lady, will you come with me to dinner, as if you were my young wife?

- Well, - I say, - You know the price... I can be even a wife if you want...

In short, we come to the restaurant, and there, who would you think? The whole trio is over there! Husband, wife and their son. And my old man appeared to be their restless grandpa! Holy shit! The dinner was messed up at once... They were sitting and getting blushed... As for me I was sitting quiet and eating normally... So, that’s the story...

- So, Mr. journalist, would you like me to do a good blowjob for you? Right here in the car. I’m confused to take money for just chattering...

- No, Lera! Everything is fine. Take it. You helped me so much with the article...

- Did I? Well, okay then...

- Good luck, Lera! 

- And you, my colleague, have a good luck! Come and see me, if anything...

- Oh, Lera, Lera! Your tongue is so hot!

- I know, I know! I’ve had lots of compliments...


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