Dreams come true

I woke up scared... the head was buzzing as if after some long drinking celebration. I tried to open my eyes, but failed. I tried to move, but felt pain. I was coming to senses, the headache was going away... I realize, I’m sitting in a chair. My hands are behind my back and I can’t move them – I’m tied up... The legs are slightly moved apart and are also tied to the chair... Why don’t I see anything?.. The blindfold... tight. Strange taste of freshness in my mouth... metal, and a gag! Besides, I realize, that I'm completely naked!!! Moving hurts. I’m mumbling, and trying to scream - it turns out bad... the voice is hoarse and the gag prevents from uttering clear sound. Pretty cool... my body is getting covered with goosebumps, my nipples are treacherously up... oddly enough, but I’m not scared at all, just a bit. Big thrill! Alone in the emptiness and uncertainty, completely naked. I wonder what will come next. 

Suddenly, a hand lays down on my shoulder. Shuddering with surprise, desperately trying to scream, to say something. The hand is slowly sliding over the shoulder... Another hand is falling down on second shoulder. He is standing behind, it feels clear that this is him... He can see me - my completely naked body. His fingers are rushing to my nipples... Mmmm... How nice my belly is getting filled with the weight... I think my pussy is dripping. He is stroking me on and on, caressing the nipples, squeezing the chest... Slightly compressing and twirling the nipples. Damn, I haven’t had sex for so long... I want him... I'm trying to say that to him... Doesn’t he see it for himself?! 

Suddenly, there’s another touch felt on my knee... But... He caresses my breast... Then there are two of them?! Trying to press my legs together... It goes bad, and why... the second one is nicely stroking my legs, spreading them gently and slowly to the sides, fondling the inner side of the thighs, the first one goes on kneading my chest... Awesome feeling... Pressed against me, I feel his breathing, it’s heavy and hot... The second one is touching my pussy... Mmmm his tongue, the very tip is gently running over the clit, I want to shout out with bliss... I’m twitching and fidgeting in the chair. He penetrates deeper and deeper on, he’s hot... nice, pleasant... His hands are stroking my legs... so cute, I want to scream with pleasure. 

I feel the rope on the left hand weakened... I release it, pressing the head of the second one to my pussy... tighter, yes.... That's it... I’m cumming in his mouth.... 

I feel the first one untying the gag... he takes it out and before I have something to say, he is covering my mouth with a kiss... I press his head to mine... the second one unties my legs and frees the hands. The blindfold is sliding off my eyes.... I see two handsome men very like each other, probably brothers before me. I’m getting up from that chair, big wet spot stays on... They're not saying anything, they just pick me up and carry on over a large bed standing next to us... They throw me on the bed, falling down next behind me... One of them starts rubbing his cock over my lips. Mmmm, so tasty! Greedily I’m sucking it in, hearing the sigh of relief of this handsome guy. The other one spreads my legs, raises them, and enters my pussy completely... slowly... and to the ground... This is unreal pleasure to feel the dick in the mouth and in the pussy simultaneously... I’m trying to moan... But the dick in my mouth prevents from doing that. I’m playing with it by my tongue, running it around the head, hearing his sighs... He grabs my head and shamelessly fucks me in the mouth. 

The second one, that fucked me in the pussy, paces up ready to burst out. I wanted them to cum at the same time, so I strengthened the affection by the mouth sucking just the head teasing it with the tongue... the effect wasn’t long in coming. 

They came together... I lost count of my orgasms, the first one came on my face and a little in my mouth. The second one came right in me... It was nice, his seed flowing out of me, dripping over the ass and then on the bed. I was on the seventh heaven with happiness.... 

I will be glad to read your feedback and opinions. The story is fictional and written by a man


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