When summer comes

Carelessly having thrown a towel on the wardrobe Lucy came into the room and without removing the jandals she fell down on the bed, her legs tucked up funny. And she's just beautiful – I thought, as for day-to-day penetration into her anus made me forget to pay attention to the beauty of her body, moving all the meetings in purely technical character. Although, mainly, that's why we came here, agreeing for a couple of weeks not to stuff up our heads with nonsense but to relax in sexual sense. It's been a week, and our excitement was so great that we simply went on fucking all days long. I especially liked her anal, where I just wouldn’t get out of. 

MMM… what a hot ass!!! So nice, so exciting, so tightly letting my cock in, the pleasure makes me get high in the heaven. I cannot say I’m sexually much hungry, but when she stands before you in the doggy-style with your cock pecking her, and her body’s so gentle and beautiful that it seems to you just the ideal one. Though her pussy had anything bad to say to, she's not one of those pussies which are being hammered in groups. We just meet and have sex. That’s why she is so good. Always clean-shaven. Although it is most likely due to her passion to have porn photo sessions. And the western name suits her...

 Well, okay let her rest, for we spent the whole night awake. Then I fell asleep and she decided to swim. Well, let her rest. I left the house. It was a quiet, almost perfect area with cute houses, forest, beach and lake. It was almost the resort houses area and no strangers were hanging around. The lake was quiet, only two girls were having a nice conversation warming up under the sun. I came closer, we started talking. Having fun chatting, we quickly realized what we needed and in about twenty minutes I was lying on the sand my legs spread apart and the girls in turns were sucking my penis and testicles sometimes trying to lick my anus. I even forgot to ask their names, but in the situation when you're already sucked, it’s ridiculous to ask, agree? It was interesting to watch the expression of their faces, the passion with which they were indulging in sexual pleasures right on the beach. I could not but got turned on and I took the head of one girl simply with excitement and pulled it on my cock deep in the throat. The second one even screamed with delight and excitement when and looked at her naked girlfriend sucking, and mechanically began to fondle her breasts and caressing her buttocks and the back. Will not say exactly, but I think that at this point, it was probably a finger stuck in her anus. I can't say for sure. The first one was breaking free happily licking my cock, trying to swallow it again. Umm well these girls are just super. My kind. Some of them here are little daddy's girls just of 18 never letting you break their hymen. 

But as for a meaningless poking they are willing to suck and most importantly, offsetting natural fuck in the natural hole, with pleasure give you the opportunity to a rough and hard way to have them in the mouth. Some even allow more offering the ass. But while it doesn't come up to that and I'm on my knees having laid one of them down, having put the backsack under her head and leaning over I was thrusting my cock into her throat as hard as I could. It was evident that was not the first time and she waited for that very much and wanted as well. Mmm… so I need to fuck this way Lucy today as well – I thought, and changed the girl under, continuing to do the same. 

In the meantime while I fucked her friend in the mouth, the first one really warmed up, and began to caress my back, gently massaging my buttocks, then moved on to the chest of her friend and having bent down my face I realized she had already reached her crotch enthusiastically kissing her passionate vulvar lips and confidently and gently penetrating the fingers in her anus. By the way, I hadn’t had a chance to watch it yet. Meanwhile, I stopped fucking her friend in the mouth and she began very powerfully and confidently sucking my cock. She was all black, most likely dyed but with a fairly slim and shapely body tanned even under the breasts and in the groin. Mmm it was lovely, such a cool sucking I have really never had, although, of course, women have such mouths sucking in your testicles without any difficulty. But these babies compensated everything with their diligence and passion, backed by good preparation. So pleasant…


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