Just don't hurt me

She was looking forward the 3-d date with him. Dima was gentle and tender, but in his eyes there was something mysterious, maybe even perky. 

Marishka was waiting for him at home. They decided to stay home today. He showed up with flowers, champagne and a mysterious box. 

- It's for you, my kitty! - he said and handed her the bouquet with champagne. And this box should be opened a little later. 

Romantic circumstances did the trick. The champagne quickly hit Marishka in the head. 

Dima kissed her gently, then he asked: «I want you to get undressed! Stand up!» He was sitting on the couch, I stood before him and began removing the top. 

- Untie my pants! - said Dima. 

I leaned over to him. His hard dick was thrusting through the speedos. 

- Keep on getting undressed!

I dropped the skirt and unbuttoned the bra. 

- Caress yourself! Caress the nipples! - He ordered me and pulled out his cock. 

I began pinching my nipples gently, running my hands over the chest, my panties became wet. I felt my clitoris swelling up. He was masturbating his cock looking up at me and then he said sternly:

- Take your panties off!

I turned my ass to him and slowly removed the panties, bending down in front of him. 

- Wait! Spread your cheeks! Show me your hole!

I was getting excited with his demands. 

His cock head was thick and he barely squeezed it in his palm. 

- NOW, come here baby. 

I lay down on the couch and widely spread my legs. He was slowly licking my pussy, playing with the clit he was sticking a finger in my vagina. I started moaning with pleasure. First, 2, 3, then 4 fingers appeared in my vagina. He moved quickly and I was moaning with pleasure, while he was sucking in my clitoris with his mouth. And so I came. 

- Now, take my cock, baby. 

I had NEVER done a blow job, but there must have been a moment to start learning. I started to caress his cock head with my tongue, took it in my mouth as he grabbed my head and deeply put his dick in my mouth. It brought me to tears but he didn't stop and his cock head broke through the way into my throat. He groaned with pleasure and cum gushed into my throat. All in nose drips and tears, I rushed into the bathroom. 

- I'm not done yet! - he said and pulled me out of there. He put me on the table in the room and got out the box with a gift. 

- Open up! This is for you! 

I opened it and there was a dildo. 

- Please, not in the ass! No, no, I'm scared. He took the cream and began to smear my hole. I cried with fear or pain, I couldn’t understand. His finger was caressing my ass, and trying to get in, but my ass hole was so clenched that I couldn’t let him in. I screamed, but he didn't hear me. He took the vibrator and began driving slowly in my ass. Tears and cries didn’t seem to make effect on him. 

- Move slowly, move your ass! - He said to me, and while holding the dildo in his hands, he forced me to move on it myself. 

- Pull on deeper! Deeper! Now fondle the clit with your fingers, that’s it.

And he increased the dildo frequency, and I was filling up with pleasant feelings. Madly I was rubbing my clitoris feeling nice in my ass. 

- Turn over your back down! I turned around with the dildo in the ass. He took my legs and threw them on his shoulders. His cock rubbed over my pussy, and he was driving it into my vagina, while the vibrator was working in the ass. 

- Relax your ass! Relax!

His dick started movements and he immediately came. Pulling out his cock he forced me to lick it over, while the dildo was still in my ass. Sharply pulling it out of my ass he shoved it in my mouth and began to move it. His cock was getting stiffened again. 

Now show me how you caress yourself?! You do touch yourself, don’t you? - he asked and I blushed. 

- I'm waiting for response. Do you caress yourself? Don’t you?

I SPREAD my legs and started running the fingers on the lips and over the clitoris, shoving them into vagina, for I felt the orgasm was close...


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