Two wheel twins

The story happened two years ago. It was summer. I was 23 years old, fairly athletic built, tall, blue eyes. I do not think I have something remarkable in the appearance, but in the opinion of many of my female friends I’m quite nice. Especially for my girlfriend, we have dated for a year and a half, still every date filled us with emotions of love and desire like for the first time. As for sports, the only thing she recognizes is going shopping, on the other hand, I love hiking, nature and bike. So I used to ride the bike without her. Traditionally, we were gathering Saturdays. Up to that day, I had never even thought about cheating on her. I was on my way to the next Saturday meeting when I noticed a girl on the same bike as I had. I caught up with her at a traffic light, and only then I became able to appraise all her beauty. When I looked up at her right into her eyes, I was almost shocked. It was quite weird, because she looked plain, without makeup, blonde, her jeans hugged slender legs, a t-shirt hiding the third size chest, nice smile and pleasant voice... 

- I see we have much in common, - she said, her eyes pointing at our two-wheeled twin brothers. 

I was thinking of a witty response, but she continued: 

- Don't you know places in the city where you can have a funny ride, for I just recently bought the bike and don't know where to go better...

-Surely I know! But it's on the outskirts of the city, 20 minutes to push pedals. Got the time?

I was not even hoping for a positive response, but I heard the affirmative "let's Go!"

On the way I called my friends and not explaining the reasons I said I wouldn’t come and tell them later why. 

We arrived. Dirty path was winding through the trees and bushes, everywhere there were found the remains of fires, in the evening on weekends there were many used to have barbecue. We drove by for about 15-20 minutes, then she stopped and said she got tired. I did not mind, especially the situation in my opinion was quite intimate. Her eyes shone, she was breathing heavily, gasping, and her chest, the size... of course, I got it up, and since I was wearing shorts, it was seen well enough. She looked very young about 18, although in fact she appeared to be 20. 

- You're looking very sexy, you know that?.. - I said, waiting for her reaction.

She got embarrassed and said I was as well. I interpreted this as a signal to start the action. I slowly walked over to her, put my arm around her waist, and we merged in a kiss. I hugged her harder, then my hands slid under her shirt. With a practiced move I undid her bra, walked behind her kissing her neck. My hands slid under her bra, which was held with the shirt only. After enjoying the massage of her breasts with one hand I undid the buttons of her jeans, then the zipper and penetrated under the panties. She began to moan quietly. Then she turned to me and said she wanted to take “him” in her mouth, but she had almost no experience still she would like to learn. I told her to clasp the cock head with her lips tighter and not forget about the tongue. She did everything, and then I asked her to do it even tighter. Apparentlyб the whole environment and extraordinary situation affected, so I had cum in 3 minutes after her efforts.

I decided not to warn her, even if she would have started to boil over, I had nothing to lose, especially because my girlfriend was always against cumming in the mouth, and there was such a chance... But to my surprise she swallowed all and said that she wanted me to thrust into her. I said I needed time to recover, then her firm answer followed: "Recover in the process". She again took my cock in her mouth and started play with it. In about three minutes I again felt the flow of blood in there and a great desire to tear that little bitch. She leaned against the tree, and I was ramming her from behind. Her moans turned into screams turning me on even better. I felt the orgasm coming closer, so I took her by the shoulder, put her on his haunches. Realizing everything, she opened her mouth, I made a few moves and came right in. She smiled, pulled up her jeans which had been down to her knees, buttoned her bra and we rode back on our way.


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