The night from 18 to 19 April of 2011

You will not believe me, my fellow pervs, but now I'm typing these lines especially for you! Just behind the wall at this very time in my bedroom, the guy named Sergey is fucking my wife in the ass and I've just sucked his cock. And I don't feel disgust. 

We met him accidentally at the disco dancing, got drank and invited to our place. My wife, of course, wanted him. And there we both undressed her and began to caress all over. We licked her all over and she came a couple of times, but she needed a cock. And here I put her on the left side, and fell from behind myself. I entered her and began to fuck. At that moment Sergey knelt down in front of her face and gave her his cock to caress. 

Imagine the picture. I'm fucking my wife, kissing her ear, and literally five centimeters from me she's sucking another man's cock. And there first it happened accidentally; Sergey's penis slipped over the lips of my wife and its head got to my lips. Then it happened again. At first he just touched them with the head and then I kissed it. 

My wife was looking at that, and then she took hold of the testicles and turned the cock into my mouth. I opened my mouth and he entered me. I grasped his cock with my lips and I had nothing but licking his cock in my mouth. At that time my wife was licking his balls and the shaft. Sergey was looking at that from above. Literally two minutes later he came in my mouth. And I swallowed it. 

That's how far It's come. Now I'm gay. I've read somewhere that sooner or later it was bound to happen. I just need to be fucked in the ass. 

Okay, I don't have much time to chat. I am horny with the sounds and moans from the bedroom. There my wife is being fucked, I'll go and assist. No time to describe all that. I can only say that now her knees are pressed to the chest, and he is fucking her in the ass. Bye, my fellow pervs! I'm off.


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