Strange desire

Hello! My name is Vladislav, Vlad for short. I want to tell one true story, that happened to me. I'm a quiet guy, heterosexual, but there is something female in me. There were occasions when I was frightened and squeaked like a girl, although I'm a guy, but the squealing was childish, well, okay, actually I'm not talking about that. I have different feelings - sometimes I wish I could watch porn and masturbate, but sometimes there are days when I watch porn and see girls doing blowjobs. I watch and imagine myself on the place of those girls. 

Sometimes I want to do blowjob to someone so much, that I can barely help it. It's like obsession. But it's hard for me to realize it, how and who I could do that to understand me, and not to blackmail with the fact that I did blowjob to a guy. I am 19 years old and I look good enough: brown tanned skin, brown eyes, I'm a bit too thin, but it's not bad. One day, I finally decided to do IT. On one website I posted the ad I wanted to try to blowja guy of 20-22 years, at home, and the guy had to be blindfolded. I was waiting. A day or two there were no replies, then I was called by a guy, who introduced himself as Andrew and offered his assistance. I gave him my address and warned that I was going to do blowjob with his eyes blindfolded only. 

An hour later the doorbell rang. Having looked through the doorviewer, I realized it was him. Opening the door a little bit, I poked through the bandage and closed the door. Looking through the doorviewer I saw that he put it on and then I let him in. Now I got a little confused. But he told me not to hurry up, and take my time. I had fought my fears and feelings and on my all fours I crawled to him. With trembling hands I touched the zipper. He responded with a quick sigh. Opening the zipper I ran my hand down into his pants. Different thoughts flashed in my mind, but I already knew there was no way back there, I needed to act. The fingers immediately groped for what I needed and my heart beating paced up. I stuck my hand out opened the button on his pants and pulled them down to his knees. Only the briefs stayed on with the penis silhouette under. The size was not great, maybe 13-15 cm, although I can't say for sure. 

With my both hands I grasped the panties and pulled them off. God, my heart nearly jumped out of the chest, consciousness swayed, my mind clouded, the sweetness passed through the body, and my mouth got almost dry. I swallowed and looked at his cock. It was gorgeous and there was a sweet scent that clouded my mind giving all sorts of erotic thoughts. I moved closer to the cock and took it with a hand. I guess the guy liked the way I noticed it growing. I bared its head and brought it closer to me, running it over my lips and the cheeks. I was overwhelmed with unidentified sense of sweetness. I opened my mouth and took the full cock in it. Consciousness swayed, I almost fainted. The dick in my mouth was growing, I began running my tongue over the penis head. The guy twitched, he must have loved the sensation. 

I was holding the dick in my mouth until it grew to full size. I let it out, my right hand masturbating it and my tongue licking the penis head and pulling off the foreskin. I removed the hand swallowing the cock as deep as possible in my mouth. The guy started moaning, and that was bringing me even double pleasure. I plunged the cock in my mouth completely, my nose rested against the pubic area, and I tried t move my tongue as fast as possible bringing much more pleasure. Then I was doing swallowing movements one, two, three and the guy grabs my head pressing me hard to his pubis, his cock throbbing and the load is shot into my throat, I immediately swallowed not to choke. The guy was pleased and so was I. Actually, I loved that so much, that I realized I love doing blowjobs to guys, although I do not consider myself a gay. I love girls same much, but I'll never refuse to do blowjob to a guy. 


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