Come on and suck it!

- Andrey Vitalyevitch, I will n-never do-o-o like tha-a-a-aa-aa-at...

The secretary was sobbing on the chest of her stern boss. He was fatherly stroking her shivering shoulders.

- Well, Lena, calm down, crying won't help! You're a grown woman, how could you be such a goof-ball? This is a very important contract. Do you know how much it costs? And what it cost me to get it? And now again I have to call some serious people who don't like to waste their time so much.

- So, I'll have to punish you. Don't you cry. You think, I'm happy doing that? Maybe, I hate sex... But what should I do? Chose for yourself: either I'm giving you to the mercy of those beasts – contractors, and believe me, they won't play easy with you; or get down under the table and really please me so that the meeting would benefit our company. Come on, stop crying! 

Still convulsively sobbing, Lena obediently crawled under the table of her boss. Almost at the same moment, the door swung open and some grim-looking men burst into the office.

- Gentlemen, good afternoon, make yourself comfortable! My secretary got ill, I'll get someone to make coffee for us...

Lena did not hear the following conversation, so focused she was on the boss' fly. Quietly so no one could hear them, she undid the zipper and got stunned – Andrey's cock literally jumped out of his pants! The girl timidly reached out her beautiful lips to him, kissed the cock head and carefully gripped the thick trunk with her warm hand. And she got down sucking...

Andrey looked under the table – Lena was silently swallowing his perky johnson! So touching and delicate, so fragile, one can't look at her without tears. Unseen for the others he quietly pulled his jeans down to the floor and spread the legs to give her more room for maneuvering. The girl was gradually getting relaxed and beginning to enjoy. Her hot tongue tickled the frenulum, licked the cock head, then pulled the foreskin and began massaging the penis head through this thin partition. He almost groaned, but the will power plus character – he kept a man of himself!

She sucked the whole scrotum in her mouth, the testicles were either appearing, or again falling into captivity of her velvety cheeks. Here the tongue was making a wet path to his virgin asshole, screwing into that narrow hole, while her fingers meanwhile exploring the scrotum. Oh, he wanted to get rid of everybody around so much at that moment! He wanted to jump up, holding her head as close as possible and fuck her endlessly in this little sexy mouth!

As if feeling his desire Lena moved closer, gripped his muscular thighs and began pulling on his hot shaft. She was tireless, the meeting had been going on for about an hour, and she sucked, licked, stroked and fingered on and on... Finally he gave up shooting a few powerful pushes and hot cum jet hit her palate, leaving spicy aftertaste on the tongue...

Emotionally detached he thought: "I wonder, what should I snatch from her desk to «milk» her for anal sex?"


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