The first try

It happened in June of the past year. I was having a rest at the summer cottage.

Well, a little about me. I'm 18 years old, for my age I look just wonderful: You can take for disadvantage my boobs of the fifth size, taut ass, stature of 165 cm, red-haired (painted, so the roots are light), my eyes are blue, my face is freckled. Well, such a miracle I was that summer. I'm too hot and bothered for my years, I know almost everything about sex, at least in theory. I don't date boys, my parents forbid that. Never been kissed.

So, at one of the days about eight PM, as always, I got to the summer kitchen that is twenty steps from the house. As usual I opened the site of «special» topic and began getting excited little by little. My light pink hardened nipples were thrusting through the bra, with each line between my legs it was getting hotter and wetter. I fingered and pinched my boobs, it brings me a special thrill, and my hand was already caressing my pussy through the panties, when suddenly a tractor rustled on the field next to the kitchen window.

It was the brother of my best girlfriend, he was weeding the field. Well, he is about 23 years old, his name is Sasha , always bare-chested and tanned, I always get excited when I see him.

I threw away the smartphone, because the story affected me less than the thought of being seen, I began to caress myself between the legs without panties already, the sound of motor was turning me on better and better, my movements were becoming harder and harder. I was getting closer to the peak of bliss, so, in order not to be heard, I bit my lip, I buried my head in the pillow and I got the orgasm I had never ever had before. Exhausted I was lying with my limbs stretched out... 

When I came to senses I saw Sasha, he was standing in the corner quietly jerking off. I wanted to scream, to call my parents, but he could tell them what I was doing there instead of just reading.

- I suspected that my sister's friends have grown up, but I had no idea how serious.

With each word he was coming up closer and closer, I was getting wrapped with the sheets, trying to cover myself, still I wanted him to fuck me...

- Don't worry I won't tell anyone.

He sat down next to me on the bed, clutching my hand, his lips reaching out for mine. My imagination and feeling warm and wet body gained the upper hand over me, and I was dripping wet. He kissed me. I didn't know that it's so cool, when someone's tongue is exploring my mouth palate and colliding with my tongue. His big, hot and slightly trembling hand was stroking my chest, the second one was putting me down on the bed by my waist.

- Harder, - I said for a moment having torn off his lips.

- You, my girl, are a masochist.

He squeezed my breast harder and I groaned with pleasant pain...

He took it as a sign of approval, and got down lower, his nose, resting against my pubic hair, dug into my pussy, his perky tongue was running around my abundantly dripping lips. This feeling was a thousand times better than when I masturbated with the fingers. I moaned, begging to stop, feeling the wave coming, arching my back, I came... for the second time that evening, it finally made me rather exhausted, but Sasha's cock was standing like a stake, and without hesitation he began to masturbate. His cum like a white jet splashed out on my stomach. He roared something, weakened he fell on me.

I was lying covered with cum. His hot and sweaty body was yet on me, and his mouth was still sucking my nipple. I could not dream of a better thing...


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