Let's play for wishes

After the club I decided to go home by taxi. I came up to the road waiting for one. Suddenly I heard a female voice:

- Kira! Hello!

I turned around and saw Nica. We haven't seen each other since we studied together in school.

- Hey, Nicole!

We decided to have a little chat and drinks. We went to her place. First, we were drinking champagne, then changed to wine. Our heads swam. I decided to freshen up a bit and walked over to the open balcony. Cool night breeze was blowing easily into my face. I was approached by Nica and she hugged me.

- Kira, let's try something? – she whispered and kissed my neck. My body shudered.

Nica undid the zipper on my dress and pulled off the straps. The dress easily slipped off me down to the floor. My tiny panties appeared there immediately after that. That night I had no bra on. Nica began massaging my breasts softly, pinching the nipples a little. Then her hands slid down over my body and dived between the legs. She began stroking my shaved pussy already dripping wet.

- Sweetie, you're so excited, - Nica sang.

We lay down on the wide bed. Nica took off her light sundress having no underwear. I lay back, Nica leaned over me. We kissed passionately. My friend began showering me with kisses – first, my neck, down to the breast, then to the stomach. Her tongue gently tickled my navel. I was trembling with excitement. Finally Nica moved my legs apart and dove in there. She licked my pussy. I shuddered. Nica began to suck my clit, shoving her tongue into my hole. I was writhing, moaning and the waves of pleasure were covering me over and over again.

Soon I came. Nica licked off all the secretions. I decided to thank my girlfriend. I put her in the doggy-style position and began licking her anus. Nica groaned. I was inserting my forefinger into her ass slowly. Nica whined. I was fucking my girlfriend, first, with one finger, then I stuck in the second one. I didn’t manage to put in the third, for Nica came brightly.

- You know, - Nica said breathlessly, - I have an idea. Let's play for wishes?

- What game are we gonna play?

- The easiest – Black Jack.

We quickly brought some sweet wine. Nica got the cards. After the first set I lost.

- So, - smiled Nica, – My wish: I wanna spank you!

I got on my all fours, I got very excited with that situation. Nica took the belt of her dress and slightly spanked me on the ass and kissed the hit spot after. Then she spanked me again, but harder. And kissed again. Each blow was accompanied with a kiss. Nica threw the belt aside, and began licking my anus avidly. She stuck two fingers in and began to fuck my ass. I came again.

In the next set Nica lost.

- Lick my pussy, - I said.

Nica pushed me my back down and immediately clung to my cunt. She was licking me so passionately! I came very quickly.

Then Nica lost again.

- Show me how you please yourself, - I ordered.

Nick laughed, jumped on the bed and got a dildo of a good size out of the bedside table.

- Wow! – escaped out of me.

Nica lay on her back and immediately drove the dildo into her vagina. The sight was so exciting. Seeing that Nica was close to cum, I jumped to her and took the dildo from her.

- No way, - I said, – Let me do it.

I was driving the dildo slowly into her pussy.

- Do you want me to fuck you?

Nica just groaned.

- What, bitch? You like being had by girls?

Nica whined, because I began to fuck her pussy fiercely.

- Tell me what you like in bed?

- Fucking, - Nica muttered gasping for air, – I love being fucked, when all the holes are being torn, when I’m being fucked all out.

A few more pushes and Nica came with shouts. I leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

We had been playing for wishes a long time, satisfying each other and fell asleep only at dawn.


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