The first date

They got acquainted via Internet. He was 47, she was 18. Big difference, isn’t it? But that was the point.

He invited her to his place after a month of chatting and photo sharing.

- Hello, sweetheart. I am fascinated with your beauty, - he approached her close, bent his head and kissed her on the lips softly.

It was an extraordinary handsome man with long blond hair gathered in a ponytail and a neat beard. The girl looked commonly – a bit lower than he, with short disheveled hair, but she had another charm which had attracted such an adult male.

He helped her to remove the coat laid a hand on her shoulder and walked her into the living room.

She sat down on the sofa, and he sank down beside her on the floor and rested his head on her lap.

- I have dreamed to see you for so long!

- Me too, - she got up from the sofa and sat beside him, her legs embracing his hips

He pulled her closer so that her body was pressed tight to him and he passionately clung to her lips, at that patting her on the neck, the back, and running his fingers through the air.

While communicating via the Internet, they shared one fact – they both hadn't had sex  a few months, and therefore they agreed that if they liked each other, the idea of having sex on the first date would not be absurd.

So now their caresses became hotter every minute, and the breathing more rapid. She unbuttoned his shirt and, after her fingertips had run over his muscled prelum, she took the belt of his jeans. He, in turn, had long got rid of her shirt and ran his tongue along her neck, descending lower and touching her chest with his lips, and undoing her bra. When he threw it to the side, he began kneading her chest with his hands, and kissing her lips. The girl had long coped with the jeans, she unbuttoned the fly and thrust her hand into his pants. His penis had long been ready, but the touch of her hand made the man shudder. When he could no longer hold it back, he abruptly fell on her, the veins appeared on his forehead, he quickly took off her jeans together with the panties, returned to the same position and abruptly drove in her.

She arched her back, biting her lip and, breathing heavily, he started to move, quickly pacing up, though it was a little difficult to move in her, because his penis was bigger than her former boyfriends had.

She sweetly moaned, and he became rather wild and moved so hard, that her moans turned into screams of bliss. But then a hot wave ran through the girl's body, and she silently and heavily exhaled with her open mouth, and the man drove in her to the ground and, trembling, he was erupting his sperm, uttering moans, heard more like growls. She felt a powerful jet hitting her from the inside. Exhausted he fell on her, propping on his one arm, not to overpress the girl and kissed her on the lips.

- You're so sweet, my dear, - he put his arms around her shoulders, still staying in her, and avidly getting with his tongue into her mouth. She was lying completely relaxed, still embracing him with her legs and smiling.


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