Sudden turn of events

I met Vadim and Olga, a married couple, on one of the popular internet dating site. 

After brief correspondence we began to meet often in evenings at their home to discuss (as Olga said «to savor the future debauchery»). 

It happened so, that none of us ever had a threesome sex, at least, so we told each other, and so we decided to plan a sex adventure for three. 

After talking on the couch we moved to the bedroom. Settled down on the bed and get up in postures, "rehearsing" positions changing for our evening of threesome love. It was the most exciting moment. Vadim's and my cocks were steaming above Olga during a rehearsal, and sometimes she touched them with her hands and the lips, bringing us to the sweet languor. After a while Vadim couldn't hold it back and plunged his mouth into her vulva, and Olga immediately began caressing my dick with her plump and sweet lips, smacking with excitement... 

And so one evening I was lying on my back, licking Olga's clit and swollen purple lips of her gorgeous vulva, she pressed to my lips. Olga was standing over me on her knees and elbows gently and slowly driving the ring of her lips over my trunk. After a while Vadim was coming to Olga from behind and slowly entered his fat cock in her vulva. Now his cock was moving just in some cm from my mouth, and the balls were constantly touching my face. I wasn't expecting that in that position his whole dingbats would be so close, because at the "rehearsals" Olga raised her pelvis higher. 

In response to my attempts to move a little away, at least, from already floating penis in squishing vulva, Olga just tighter pressed me with her whole body from above and sides. The smell of fuck near my face greatly excited me and I did not understand what I'm definitely licking with my tongue. Vadim and Olga felt it... She twitched and moaned from time to time, she stopped and tightly sucked my dick. She was cumming... At that moment Vadim stopped and squeezed his cock with both hands. Soon Olga and me changed places, and now she was lying on her back with my cock in her mouth, and I was licking her. 

Olya was caressing my buttocks, her tongue sliding over the cock head, and I was just drowning with my face between her legs in the delicate and sex-smelling crotch. I was so absorbed with intimate kisses, that I didn't even notice how she oiled my ass with lubricant. When I felt Vadim grabbed me penetrating into my ass it was too late. Olga skillfully spread my buttocks and squeezed my head with the thighs, and Vadim's thick and slippery cock had already got halfway into my ass. I felt Vadim was immediately cumming, and unexpectedly for myself and even with the presence of pain in the ass, I also came in Olga's mouth. 

Vadim was pouring his cum in me about 10 seconds. I never thought that there could be so much sperm. After that he held his softening penis a few moments in my ass and gently pulled it out. All that time Olga was holding me tight in her arms and only after that she let me off. As later Olga told me, when I was cumming, she had a feeling that Vadim "shot you with the jet through". After this unexpected turn of events, I realized that a part of rehearsal still took place without me... Not to say that I didn't like it, but constant paying with my ass for sex with Olga was too much for me...


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