Attempt to bring back passion by changing partners

The mad idea of Max doesn’t let me sleep already a few nights. Constantly going over possible options, upcoming actions, weigh all the "against" and "for". But maybe this will be a way out of our family, no, rather sexual "crisis"?

After twelve years of marriage, we were catching ourselves on the fact that in having sex, there was a clear pattern of action, everything happens as in so-called automatic mode, it has no special excitement and passion. So, one evening, in the global network Max stumbled on an interesting new project "x-registar". I saw my husband was nervous, even biting his nails, but plucked up courage and approached me.

- Irina, let's experiment. These are the profiles of users that have provided the information about their health status. So, nothing to fear. We, too, can be part of the project and swing a little. Just imagine how it can change our sex life! – Maxim was speaking slowly, fearing to hear loud notes of protest and indignation from me.

In the end, I gave up. Why not try? Having pleasure with a lovely partner, everything is in the open form, with no obligations and no accusations or cheating? So my husband and I passed all the tests, registered in the system and found a suitable couple. A few days later our friends rang the doorbell.

It was Eugene and Marina. Just like on the photo! Slim, smart, slightly thin people who greeted us with a smile. They came from neighboring cities to spend time with us. My Max was bolder, he took Marina by the hand and led her to our bedroom. And I was standing like a frozen one, as if in a dream, I could not entirely believe I agreed to such a venture.

- Don't worry, everything will be fine! I'll take care of you, sweetheart. - Eugene whispered in my ear.

I was left alone with a complete stranger in the living room, still struggling with my shyness. Eugene didn’t hesitate long. He put me on the couch. I didn't notice how quickly he got undressed and began to remove my panties. Eugene leaned down, pushed my legs apart and without needless words got down to my clitoris. First, delicate movements of the tongue, then his fingers joined the game... His caresses were maddening, I wanted to lose the dress quickly and let him in. But my partner was not in a hurry, he sucked, gently biting my hard enlarged clitoris, he did not even think to stop. But I couldn't wait, I didn't want to wait! A couple of seconds, and I threw off my evening dress down on the floor, grabbed his massive hand and placed it on my chest. Eugene squeezed my hard excited nipple, and got closer. He stood up, as if watching me all over now, and then I acted. His cock has craving for adventure and he beckoned me. Eugene leaned over and plunged his "buddy" in my mouth almost all in. He stroked my hair while I was massaging his balls, caressing his dick and I myself got incredibly excited with this procedure.

We didn't use a condom, because we knew we were both perfectly healthy. Eugene grabbed my buttocks, spread my legs, turned me on my stomach and immediately drove in my pussy. His hands caressed my breasts, and then slowly one came down to the clitoris. I was getting incredible pleasure, as if the whole body was involved in this passionate game.

We did not notice Maxim and Marina came out of the bedroom. They sat quietly on the chair just watching us. I was very excited, so I already lost all the signs of shame and shyness. Eugene laid me on my back and continued his movements, but more intensely, quicker and deeper. Watching her husband Marina literally "saddled" my husband right on the chair. She moved so smoothly, gracefully and erotically that even passive watching her made you very excited. Max fingered her nipples, kissed her neck and didn't even look at me.

Jack came in my mouth after he had given me two brightest orgasms I couldn’t get from my husband. Marina and Max lay down next to us on the sofa, tired, sweaty, but so happy. We were all just silent. Four beautiful bodies were passively lying on the big sofa.

Eugene and Marina left only in the morning. But we had agreed on further dates and their entire confidentiality. I can add that the sex with my husband also became completely different. It revived old flame, we added games and a little of perversion.


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