First time threesome and right in the ass

Hello, my name is Katya, I am 23 years old. I'm a brunette, blue eyes, height 170cm, breast size is almost 3, just super ass and a pretty face. Lots of cavaliers always ))) It happened three years ago. Our company was going to the camping. The weather was splendid – the whole May the weather was hot. The best year ever! At the beginning of the second decade of June, having bought all necessary, we went to have rest. So there are the cottages: cozy houses stuck among the trees, a little further you could see the beach and the river. Having settled in the cabins, the boys went to cook barbecue, and the girls started to cook salads and arrange the table. After eating and drinking, all of us divided by groups of interest. Someone went for a swim, the boys were kicking the ball and we went playing volleyball. So the rest of the day had gone.

When it got dark, everyone gathered around the campfire, some couples chose to partner off. Then some of the girls got the idea to go swimming naked, girls only. Leaving the boys, we went to the river. All of us got undressed and dropped our swimsuits and towels on the beach and squealing we rushed into the river. The water was just amazing. Having fun for about 20 minutes, the girls went to the houses, and I decided to stay a little longer in the water. I had swum enough, I got to the shore and walked on to my belongings. Then from behind the bushes I heard voices and in a moment three guys came out on the beach, they also were vacationing at that camp site, only on the other end. They came out standing just about my stuff.

- Oh! look, there's someone's clothes, - one of them said.

- And here is the mistress, - they all turned to me and began brazenly watching me. Of course I tried to cover myself with the hands, but the sky was clear, and there was enough light from the camp site. They clearly saw I was naked.

- No. It's a mermaid, - said another one and they burst out laughing in unison.

- Guys, may I pick up my stuff? - and I made a small step towards them.

- Of course, you may, sweetie, - one of them said and also took a couple of steps forward, standing right between me and my things.

And then I got scared. What can they do with a naked and very pretty girl? Escape is impossible – they are on the way from the beach, and I can’t run - I am naked, what my mates would think, and won’t their thoughts go along with these guys, and I still had to stay with them for some time. Calling someone is also not an option, suddenly the help could come to the guys, not to me. I had to suffer their hungry and lustful looks. So far, only looks.

- Come on, sweetie, don't be shy! Get your things, - said the same guy blatantly staring at me. I tried to go around him from the side. He didn't move, only stared at me with his eyes. I went to the things, bent over to take them and realized that they got me. They stood around, and I was in the center.

- Did you know that while you were swimming, we were guarding your stuff, - someone said, - We should be rewarded with a bonus, I suppose, - and again they laughed.

- Guys, please, don't… May I have my stuff back and go?

- Of course, you will take it and go to relax, just give us our bonus! How about a blowjob? – To all three of us. How will you go naked to the house, someone can hurt you. And we will walk you. Don’t be stubborn, quick suck, dress up and be free. Well, what do you say? Agree for good?

I nodded, realizing that it is better to agree, so at least they won’t hurt me. I'm not a virgin and already did a blowjob, I love to do it but, of course not when forced, but the three unfamiliar guys on the beach where we could be seen by someone, it was too much. When they lowered the pants and yanked their cocks in front of my face, I realized that I had nothing to do but satisfy them. I hope they washed up today. My thoughts were interrupted by a hand that lay on my head and pushed to the cock that was in front of my face. I reached out, stroked it with my palm, jerked off a bit, then touched the head with my tongue. I felt his nice smell – well, at least, it’s neat, I thought, took the head entirely in my mouth and began to suck. All three stood up, as if on cue. Those two were standing from both sides and began to masturbate.

So, I’m on my knees totally naked on the beach, sucking the dicks of three unfamiliar guys. All that made me feel like a slut. I thought to finish that as fast as I could. Pulling my mouth on the cock, each time swallowing more and more. Judging by the happy moaning, the owner of the cock was happy. Going on polishing the cock with my lips, pulling it fully out and again swallowing to the max. And my hands caressing the balls. I feel the cock getting tensed, I want to pull it away, but he doesn’t let me do that and cums in my mouth. A lot of sperm - it runs down my chin, dripping on the chest, on the feet, on the ground. I suck the dick dry, lick the head and swallow the remnants… mmm... yum-yum. Yes, I love to suck cocks, although I had had only two guys by that time, but they had not denied this pleasure.

- Oops. Look, she likes it! Slut!

And who wouldn't like to do what he or she love? And, of course, I got excited. I was put in the doggy-style, the second one thrust his cock out and immediately began to fuck me in the mouth and the third one got a place from behind. A couple of times he ran the cock head over the lips and smoothly slid into my pussy. He went easy, because I was already horny, and the size was not new for me, my favorite vibrator was of the same size. I have never participated in a Threesome, and now I'm being fucked by two guys. I had never had such pleasure. It was just SUPER!!! I could think about nothing except they wouldn’t stop. I was pulling on them and the sensations were getting just brighter. Suddenly, the penis disappeared from my pussy, I swayed my ass, asking to continue, asking to return to me what I wanted in that moment more than anything – a strong dick!!! My mouth was also freed, I looked around lustfully at all three of them. The one that already came in my mouth was lying on the sand, his cock was sticking out like a huge pipe at the factory. I was seated on it, he immediately got to my uterus, it seemed that he stabbed me through, still it was incredibly nice. After a few hip movements I experienced a great orgasm, saw millions of stars, my whole body trembled, my breath quickened, a groan or even a howl escaped out of my throat. It was the highest bliss! When my senses of space and time came back, I continued jumping on his dick, the dick of the third one immediately appeared before my face sticking at my half-open mouth, as if asking to let him in. I opened my mouth wider, letting this magnificent specimen in. As soon as he entered my mouth, I began frantically sucking and caressing it with my tongue.

Now, after such a stormy orgasm my senses didn’t come back to me completely, I felt dizzy and lost the second guy from the sight. But he didn't lose me and he knew what he wanted. He walked from behind and massaged my third free hole, put his dick, which was lubricated with my saliva and began getting in. When the pressure on my sphincter increased, my senses immediately returned, especially clearly I felt the pain there. As you understand, I'm not a good girl, I love sex, but I’m not a whore, I have a boyfriend, and when he can't, I have toys, which he even does not know about (and he didn't have to know). But my ass has not yet tried a cock. Well, I certainly caressed myself with a finger or a toothbrush and just a couple of times. But there was a cock and not the smallest one, and even without preparation. Of course, I flinched, trying to pull away, but six hands were holding me tight. I couldn’t even scream with pain – my mouth was busy with a cock, my throat uttered a kind of subtle moaning. And he continued, thrusting the cock into my virgin ass. It seemed to me that he was trying to shove a rocket in me. I knew that he was still going to fuck me in the ass so despite the pain, I tried to relax the muscles and ease the penetration. Probably, the penetration was hard because of the fact that my pussy already contained a cock in. Here my hole let the head of his cock in a bit, everybody froze, even my mouth was freed for a moment, so I was able to catch my breath. For some time no one moved, letting my hole get used to it. And really, it was not so painful anymore. Still feeling discontent I began easy movements. My mouth immediately got the cock, and the cock in the ass, due to the fact that I was moving, began penetrating deeper. The feeling was not very pleasant, but it was deadened by the sense of being filled up in my other holes. Gradually, the guys were pacing up and I didn't even notice that the dick in my ass was working all out. I felt a bit disgusted by being a whore but it was still so pleasant!!!

The guys were just ramming my holes madly, I was sunk in a series of endless orgasms. The carousel of cocks will stay unforgettable, each of them visited all my holes about three times at least. I had drunk enough of their sperm. They liked to shoot the load in my mouth, and I like the taste of semen. They came out of my holes, stood around me being exhausted and began to masturbate. I was reclining in front of them with open holes. They all jerked off, and in turn began to cum on my face and the hair. I didn't have the strength even to pull away. They left and I was still lying there for some time, coming to senses after such a marathon. After a short rest, I went to the river trying to wash as I only could, as the semen didn't want to be washed out of my hair. I got dressed and got to the house with no one noticing, and fell down on the bed.

I woke up with the feeling of complete satisfaction, it was so beautiful. Further, looking into the faces of my friends in the company, I realized that nobody noticed my absence and did not even realize that the girl of their sexual fantasies was doing such an incredible things yesterday)))


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