At twin brothers'

This hot night Lisa with her friend Ilona were walking along the riverside. They had been walking long enough, and soon they were going home, but then a car drove up and two men came out of it.

- Girls, let's go for a ride, - offered they.

- Let's go! - said Ilona.

- What are you doing? We do not know them, - said Lisa whispering to her friend.

- Well, never mind – we’ll get to know.

Lisa was a very modest girl, she was 20, but she didn’t have so exciting sexual life as her best friend. She was very beautiful, slender, with long legs. She had not big but firm breasts and a cute, even a baby-like face. That day she was wearing a short skirt and translucent blouse.

Ilona was quite beautiful as well: slim, twenty-two year old girl with a beautiful face, slim and well maintained body and quite big boobs of the fourth size. She was wearing short shorts and a top with a cutout in the center of the neckline.

The guys’ names were Anton and Ruslan, they were twin brothers, and only beauty spot on the cheek of Ruslan made them differ.

To the girls’ opinion, the guys were handsome and, moreover, they were driving Porsche.

- Where are we going? - asked Ilona.

- I offer Amur restaurant, - said Ruslan.

- Good enough, - answered the girls in unison.

They had stayed in the restaurant long enough, drank a lot of wine, so the proposal to continue having fun at the guys’ house was taken easily by Ilona and, oddly enough, by Lisa as well.

They ordered a taxi, for Ruslan was drunk and could not drive, and went to the brothers’ home.

Being there they went on drinking and having fun talking, Anton offered playing something. They agreed on the cards.

- What’s at stake? - asked Ilona.

- Let it be a wish, - proposed Ruslan.

The first game was lost by Ilona, she was told to dance a striptease. The girl had coped well with the task, because her dance aroused even Lisa. Then Anton lost. His task was to drink a shot of vodka from Ilona’s chest. The girl, without hesitation, got undressed, took her bra off and showed her gorgeous breasts. Ruslan put a small glass of vodka between Ilona’s tits and Anton drank it, kissing both the girl’s nipples.

The wish was fulfilled, but Ruslan continued kneading Ilona’s tits and Anton, meanwhile, approached terribly excited Lisa and began kissing her. The girl was kissing him back moving closer to the guy. Anton put his hand under her skirt stroking Lisa's pussy through the soaking wet panties. She was burning, she wanted to be fucked. That never happened to the girl before. Meanwhile Ruslan undressed Ilona, laid her on the sofa and got down to licking her crotch over. The girl was on the top of the world. Here, Lisa lay down next to her and the girls began kissing passionately. Ruslan, having fairly aroused his partner, got undressed and immediately drove his standing stake in Ilona's vagina. It was indescribable bliss for the girl, she never let such a hero in. Ruslan was fucking Ilona with such speed and force that she almost lost her breath, she was almost unconscious and then she saw Anton's penis close to her head and, without thinking, she took him in her mouth. Ilona was sucking Anton's dick and Ruslan was fucking her vagina, and Lisa was kneading her chest. The girl was on the top of the world. After a few minutes of such fierce fucking her body pulsed frantically, she almost lost consciousness, it was the strongest orgasm she ever had. Ruslan was also cumming. He pulled his cock out of Ilona's vagina and shot the load into Lisa's mouth, and meanwhile Anton cumshot straight in Ilona's mouth.

After such fucking Ilona was almost unconscious, and when she came to senses, she saw that Ruslan and Anton were fucking Lisa together in both holes. Lisa had never had anal sex up to that moment, so at first she felt a little uncomfortable, but soon she was getting unspeakable pleasure of that. Brothers fucked her like the worst slut, who was ready for anything if only that wild Orgy would never be over. She got one orgasm after another, and she wanted more and more. The guys had cum again at the same time, Anton shot his seed in Lisa's ass, and Ruslan came on her chest.

The guys went out to have a smoke, and the girls stayed lying there, thinking over what had happened. They both were satisfied, fucked like two bitches, they were waiting for the brothers to be back to continue that crazy night.


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