Chance meeting

She got on the bus and sat next to me and immediately drew attention to her. To her neatness, cleanliness, she smelled nice. Dressed in sport kind of clothes. Easy white summer hooded jacket, Jogging sweatpants made of soft fabric, white socks and sneakers. One could feel her pleasant female tenderness. I was watching her all the way long. I examined her figure; neatly trimmed blond hair, erect posture, rounded hips which I would like to touch. She had blue eyes and beautiful thin lips. I wanted to get to know her, but that thought immediately arose excitement. I didn't know what to say, how to talk, in general, how to start. Inside I had a feeling of a timid child who saw a miracle. It appeared we are getting off at the same stop. She got off first, I followed her. Still deciding to get a contact, I caught up to her and asked:

- Excuse me, can it be we previously saw each other?

- Unlikely, - she answered, a little puzzled.

- Actually I just wanted to get acquainted to you, when I saw you in the bus. You look very attractive to me.

She's got a bit embarrassed, but smiled.

I kept talking and took her phone number. I called her a few times. Finally, I asked her out and we met on the riverside. She was dressed the same as when I saw her for the first time. By the way her name was Ann. We walked a lot, talked about everything, holding each other's hands. Then we sat down on a bench in the courtyard. She was feeling good to me, I naturally felt good to her. Here under the trees, I dared to touch her lips with mine. I placed my left hand on her waist and gently stroked. Moved to the hips, her taut ass. Her body was perfect. I was very excited and offered to come home with me. Ann was thinking over, but I immediately saw the sparkles in her eyes. Then I took her hand and walked her to my place.

Upon entering the apartment in the corridor Ann leaned over to untie the laces, and I was delighted to have watched her rounded taut ass. I could not resist and right there we continued what we started on the bench. I leaned her against the wall and began hungrily kissing. I thrust a hand under her t-shirt and groped for her chest. She was without a bra. I was just boiling when I fondled her tits feeling  them hardening and becoming tauter. Then my hand moved down and slipped into her panties passing over her shaven pubis, further down to her hole. Ann was ready.

 I lifted her by the hips and Ann grabbed me with her arms and the legs. I pulled off her little panties and Jogging pants. And I pulled down my pants, freeing my penis which was standing like a stake for a long time. And slowly I entered her wet crack. And I began to fuck on and on and on. My cock was sliding softly in the tight walls of her vagina. It was indescribable. We moved into the bedroom on the bed. I took off all her clothes, then off myself, she was completely in my power. I threw her legs onto my shoulders and entered her again. I began to move my pelvis with the force slapping over her ass. Ann was moaning with her eyes closed, she bit her lip, and then she became seized with a stormy orgasm and she came, and then did I. 

For some time we were lying next to each other, I was stroking her taut young body and we had the whole night ahead.


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