Suddenly wanted on the way

This story happened about a year ago. It was winter. My husband had a business trip to a ski resort. He took me with him, so to speak, to have a rest. The road closer to the route ending was surrounded with forest. Look to the left - woods, right - woods, if you go late at night, it's kind of creepy, but when you come to the place... mmm.. it's a true beauty! 

So, when this wood s showed up, my husband suddenly wanted to have sex – to fuck me! It was morning, day off - Saturday. There were not so much passing by cars there at such time. First, trying not to be distracted from the road, he got into my panties with the fingers and began fondling my clit, my pussy already giving the first juice. His eyes, as much as mine, were already full of passion. Fortunately, the road was of the kind where you won't pace up great, no matter how hard you want. 

Suddenly, he saw the road leading from the main road into the woods. He turned there. Our car became unseen from the main road. He killed the engine, turned around to me and we started kissing passionately. Then he stripped me naked, then he undressed himself after having spread out the seats. He leaned over me. His cock was already in complete combat readiness and did not need any foreplay. He immediately shoved it into my pussy, which was ready and happy to let his flesh in. He was changing the pace slowly and gently, then quickly and sharply to the pleasant pain. We had sex not very long, and after another dip into my pussy he pulled his cock out, stuck it in my mouth and came. After a short rest, we got dressed, he lit a cigarette, started the engine and we drove on..

Arriving at the place, we were settled in a chalet in the luxury room. My husband was rather respected for his work by the director of the ski base. And no matter how often we came there, we were always settled not in some kind of hostel, but in the chalet. 

When in the evening he had finished all his work, we went to dinner and then came back to the room. There was a shower, TV and drinks, relaxing massage smoothly turning into sex. We have sex in plenty of ways: on the bed in various poses, the bed was shaking. There is a good earshot, and in order not to wake up people in adjoining rooms in the middle of the night, we pulled the mattress down on the floor and continued our having fun there. 

On the floor I liked 69 best of all. I'm on top, he's caressing my pussy with his tongue, my juice was flowing down directly into his mouth, he says I'm tasty. I also suck his huge and thick cock, which don't even fit in my mouth. He's so tasty as well. I hope our moans didn’t bother anyone. Then he put me in the doggy-style and drove his dick sharply into my cunt. He began ramming me hard, slapping on my ass. I don't know how many times I came. The juice was flowing down over my legs and all the sheets were in my juice too. 

We stopped. Went into the shower. In the shower I got down to my knees and began sucking. I caressed the cock head, my tongue running all over his trunk playing with the testicles. Such caresses made him unable to hold it back and he erupted in my mouth. I love his cum and do not disdain my beloved, so I swallowed every last drop and we went to sleep.


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