My first group sex

It all started when I was 20 years old. I decided to move out from parents’ house and puzzled myself with the search of apartment for rent. I found an ad in the newspaper about one room apartment for rent, so I called the owner and agreed to meet. The owner of the apartment was a woman of 27, she told me that she had recently got married her neighbor, and 2 apartments for them was more than they needed, so they decided to rent out her flat. I accept that option and decided to rent that very apartment.

After about a week since I had moved in, the landlady (her name was Irina) invited me to her place and offered to have a drink for a good start of my separate life from parents. We went to her apartment, her husband Alexander was at work, she showed me their apartment and we walked to the table. When 2 bottles of wine had been finished, Irina dropped a tailspin and it fell down under my chair. I stood up and bent down to pick it up and at that moment I felt her stroking my ass. Here I must say that when Ira invited me for a visit, I just got out of the shower and was wearing just a robe and thongs. So, when I felt stroking, I turned around, looked at her and saw her inflamed with drinking wine and the sight of my ass look.

I did not resist or scream, and having decided I had to try everything in my life, I moved my ass closer to her. Irina pulled off my thongs, rode up the robe, put me in the doggy style position, spread wide my legs and began working with her tongue. First she was licking my back hole, gradually thrusting a finger in there, then, without ceasing to play with my ass, she lay down on the floor between my legs and caressing my clitoris with her tongue her free hand was entering my vagina. 

Gradually I got hotter and dripping wet. And in that moment when I felt the orgasm coming, I felt a cock rested against my ass stimulated by Irina. She and I didn’t even notice that her husband came home from work and for a long time had been watching us. When he got tired of just watching, he decided to join us. He was ready to push the head in completely, but Irina stopped him.

Her eyes pointed to the door of the room, she crawled out from under me, helped me to get up, took my hand and pulled me over there. Sasha went to the bed, lay down and was stroking his cock. Ira went to the drawer, took out Vaseline, bent me down on the edge of the bed and lubed my hole. Sasha stood up, walked from behind me and finally began sticking his huge cock into my ass. Irina lay down close to my face and spread her legs so I could please her with my tongue, so that’s what I started to do. Sasha was getting deeper and deeper in my ass, and I thrust my tongue deep in Irina’s vagina. We had cum with her at the same time, and her husband was still banging me and wouldn’t cum. Then Irina got up, came up to us sideways and stuck out her tongue licking my ass and his cock simultaneously. 

Five minutes later Sasha shot his load in me, pulled out his cock and shoved it into his wife’s mouth. I was told to sit to the side and lick him with the tongue. He shot another powerful jet in Irina’s mouth, she swallowed everything and he got down to her ass.

That’s the way we spent the whole night, Sasha was pecking all our holes in turn, until we became totally exhausted and fell asleep. Since that time I visit them often. Once they even invited my boyfriend, but that’s quite another story.


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