After shower

I want to tell you about our sex life with my wife before the wedding. We practiced freedom of relations without mutual obligations and secrets from each other. My wife's name is Julia, height 167 cm, chest third size, she has taut butt and blond wavy hair reaching to the shoulder blades. By physique she's not skinny, and when the outlines of her breasts and butt are seen clearly, her belly is emphasized just adding sexiness to her appearance.

In the summer we went to the sea and due to financial constraints, we decided to rent not the entire apartment, but a room. The second room was rented out to a guy. His name was Vitaly and we lived without interfering with each other. This mutual "disinterfering" was contributed with the layout of the apartment: through the entrance door you find yourself in the corridor, at the end of which there was the kitchen, to the left - the door to the toilet and the bathroom and the right doors were leading to the two bedrooms. In front of our door there was the door to the bathroom, and across the bedroom of Vitalik — the toilet.

It was the last day of the vacation, my wife went to the shower, and Vitalik and I were sitting in the kitchen and drinking beer. My wife bathed enough and wrapped in a short red robe, she stepped into the room and sitting on the bed opposite to the door, she started to dry her hair. I decided to go bathing as well. Going to the bathroom I noticed that she had her robe slightly opened and I could see the right breasts with swollen pink nipple. Julia was drying her hair as always with her eyes closed and therefore she didn't notice that.

Going to the bathroom I heard Vitaly finished his beer and went to the toilet. I was wondering kif he would notice her tits or not. I opened the door a little and began watching.

First, Vitalik almost passed by, but then he looked in the direction of Julia and stopped. He looked at her breasts for a while, and then I noticed him squeezing his cock through the shorts. At thaty point Julia shook her hair, throwing them back to dry the fringe and her other breast became visible. At that movement her tits swayed, and I heard Vitalik’s breathing became more frequent. He pulled out his dick and started slowly moving it. His cock already hardened and he paced up jerking. 

Julia continued drying her hair, swaying her breasts at that and as for Vitalik he was wanking his cock hard. At that point Julia finished hair drying, turned off the Hairdryer and opening her eyes she saw Vitalik jerking off. He was taken aback from the fact he was caught, but obviously he didn't expect what would follow then. Julia aroused with the sight and decided to play with a guy, so she completely opened her robe. Vitalik saw two cute taut tits with protruding and erect nipples, between her clenched legs there was a visible triangle of short dark hair. She raised her hands behind her head and the chest jumped up seducing him even better. 

Turning Vitalik more and more, Julia slowly spread her legs showing open lips with visible pink delicate flesh of the clitoris and labia minora. Vitalik was breathing harder and more frequent and it became clear that he was close to have orgasm. Julia decided to award him and beckoned him. Embracing the red head with her swollen lips and making two strong sharp movements with her hand she began to swallow his cum. Vitalik moaned softly for about ten seconds still cumming all that time in her mouth. Julia had sucked all the sperm, closed the robe and gently pushed Vitalik to the toilet.


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