For you

We were going back from the birthday of your friend, where we had a big quarrel. We both had long forgotten what it had started with, but stubbornly looked in different directions without talking.

But as soon as we stepped over the threshold, everything changed. You didn’t even let me take off the evening dress, you approached me and grabbed me by the ear.

- Oh, - my eyes filled with tears. - It was not painful, but I felt shame.

- You dare to shout at me with my friends seeing that! And how could you do such sort of things in public!? - Your voice was shaking with anger.

- You offended me, - I could not stay silent, - So it’s your fault!

- You know, young lady, for such a big girl you are very rude! I will have to do something with it! Go into the bedroom and stand in the corner! - You finally released my ear.

- I will not go into the corner! - I pouted and crossed the arms.

You turned me around and slapped hard on the ass so that I cried out and began rubbing my palm on the bruised spot.

- You'd better hurry up, - with quiet fury in the voice you said, - or I'll smack you up right in the corridor with an iron spoon for shoes.

I gazed at you. Judging by the tone, the threat was quite real, so I turned around and went into the far corner of the bedroom, silently acknowledging my defeat.

Soon you entered and called me out, we both walked over to the chair.

- So, young lady, you were behaving pretty awful, so I'll whip you very severely that you will be thinkng how to behave right in future!

I opened my mouth to object. But you sat down and put me on your lap. I gasped when your hand smoothed the folds of the skirt on my ass. You raised your hand and struck the first blow, I just groaned... the blow didn't sting, but only excited. Palm increasingly warmed my ass, you pulled up the dress and continued to spank me already through the panties... Then you pulled them down to the knees, spread my legs wider apart and as if casually stroked between them... You resumed spanking with new force... I screamed and writhed on your lap, but you didn't stop until my buttocks became saturated with the thick shade of pink. You lay a hand on my clit and began rubbing it. I groaned loudly and pressed myself harder to your hand.

- My girl wants to have sex already - you patted my ass, - But I'm still mad at you, so all this is just the beginning.

You put your finger in my vagina and began to caress its walls. I arched back and closed my eyes. You just laughed softly and stopped caressing me.

- Come on, baby, we'll continue.

I stood up and took off the hanging panties. You made me get up on the bed on my knees and elbows, spread the legs wide and bend the back.

- Now you look not as militant as at the party. Maybe I had to whip you right there in front of my friends? Next time I’ll do that, - you promised, - And now you’ll be wipped with a ruler, and if you keep on behaving bad, I’ll take a belt.

You whipped me harder and harder and I oftener tried to cover my ass with a hand. You finally could not help it, got me out of the bed, brought me to the chair and bend me over the armrest. One arm you put on my waist, and the other took the belt.

- I warned you, young lady, - angrily you said and you rained down on my defenseless ass a storm of blows.

You threw off the instrument of punishment, unzipped your pants and entered me... in a few minutes we both came.

You gently patted me on the head and asked:

- Now, are you going to behave good?

I smiled widely and replied:

- No!


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