How I tried my ass

Hi all. I want to share with you how I took virginity of my ass. The story is real. 

I woke up this morning next to my wife at 4am. I didn’t want to sleep any longer and I decided to surf the Internet. I came across the website of porn pics with the chicks when it came to collection of doggy style postures, I realized that my dick was standing like a stake, and wanted to shoot the load. I jerked a little watching the chicks with stuck out asses and stopped for I didn’t want to cum. I found one girl at vkontakte site with a huge collection of porn videos. There I found this one.

There a young man lay on his back with his feet to the camera with standing penis, and the second one from the top was jerking off and pulling on the baton of the first slowly and with the groan. He sat on the cock completely and started to make frictions. And after half a minute his partner was cumming in his ass. I saw different things, but that very video aroused me extremely. My ass ached and I wanted to try a thing in there. Of course natural cock would be better, but I didn’t want to meet anyone, I considered myself clearly straight, just a perv.

I thought a bit and remembered the vibrator I presented to my wife and I came up with the idea to try it for myself. I read that anal orgasm is stronger than usual. I took the dildo and lubricant for anal sex and went to the bathroom. I decided to make it easier to do with one trick. I pulled the wooden handle of a plunger and stuck the vibrator into the rubber instead of the handle and got the vibrator on the suction cup. I liked the idea because it was not necessary to hold it with the hands. Then I stuck it to the bottom of the bathtub and smeared with gel and began to smear my asshole.

I abundantly covered everything with lube and slowly brought the ass to the dildo. I put it about 3 cm in and felt a strange sensation. It wasn't very nice, as if you want to go number two. Slowly about with 5cm in I turned on the vibro mode. Deciding to get used to it, I got a smartphone and took a few sots of the vibrator in my hole from different angles. Having put down the phone I realized that my cock softened. Sitting on the silicone vibrating unit, I began jerking off. I took some lube, put it on the hand and the dick and began to run the hand over my cock, it was the effect like a vagina.

My cock hardened, the cock head swelled up, I felt very nice and the dildo wasn’t bothering any longer. I slowly began to massage the cock head and suddenly I realized that while jerking the dick I make frictions with the ass and the vibrator is half hiding in my virgin hole about 10 cm in! I imagined that I’m pulling on the guy’s dick like in the video I watched and it was generally awesome. I squeezed the cock head and my hand sliding on the trunk was bringing a very cool feeling.

Increasing the pace of frictions my ass felt the warmth spreading inside as before the orgasm. My second hand began kneading the balls. Oooo, that was super! I took the phone and shot a video of the dildo moving in the ass, me jerking off and kneading the balls. I got aroused much so I put away the phone and began crazy jumping on the dildo still kneading the balls. I saw the precum on the tip of the cock head. I moved the foreskin on the penis and began quick motions with the ass thinking of the pictures from porn video. Suddenly my asshole began shrinking and sperm streamed out of the cock.

Such fountain I never had. I had cum and pulled off the dildo and lay down in the tub to have a rest. I was imagining the cock was a real one and as if it shot the load in my ass… I lay a bit, cleaned up everything and suddenly decided to share the story…


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