Once in the club

It was spring... My friend had a birthday and we went out to celebrate at a nightclub. It was fun, everyone got drunk and danced. By that time I had long broken with my first boyfriend and I had no sex already half a year. I wanted sex very much, but my moral principles did not allow to get laid with anyone I met. So, I was sitting together with one nice guy, he thought he picked me up. I was listening to his nonsense about our future relations, he was touching my breast, everything was as if according to the script.

I decided to go to the bathroom and before that I went to the bar to order a whiskey-cola. And then I saw him, nothing special in appearance, just a tall big guy with brutal appearance. Being drunk I decided to come up to him and he didn’t mind. We had a talk, exchanged phone numbers, his name was Pasha, we sat down on the couch and talked about life. It was late and the club was going to close, we had to leave, we decided to go to a hotel provided that we would have nothing but a chat, of course there was nothing like that) One hotel didn’t let us in because I look younger than 18, though I am and we left immediately for another one where we were allowed to have a room without problems.

We drank some whiskey and he went to the bathroom. I hoped that we would just have a chat. I went to the shower as well and came out of there in pink lace panties of black and pink color and a t-shirt. I sat on the bed, took a bottle of beer and thought that we would chat to get to know each other. He took me by the hand and pulled closer to him, so I hugged him and he started touching my ass, we kissed.

And then Pasha became really more active trying to pull down my panties. I resisted begging him not to do it, but he was very strong, twice bigger than me, the fight would be stupid. I begged him to let me go, he kept one hand holding on my two hands, and taking off my panties. I was afraid and at the same time I wanted him. I was scared, I was looking for excuses saying I wouldn’t do that without a condom. He quickly found one and pulled on. Very easy Pasha moved my legs apart and appeared between them. Running somewhere away in the hotel and screaming on my part would be the top of stupidity because I myself had come there.

I just had to use that opportunity and have fun. Slowly he was shoving his cock into me, it hurt... And he was telling me that he liked how narrow I was there. Sharp progressive movements... and I began to moan like a bitch. He was fucking me, I got aroused and lifted up my legs... I held him by the neck, stroking his hair... It was so nice and at the same time scary, a stranger plunged in me. And I decided that since it had already happened, I had to go through and bliss out.

He asked me to caress his cock with my mouth, well, not really asked... He took me by the hair and pushed me down to his crotch. I licked my lips over and began touching his cock softly. I licked the cock head then I took it in the mouth and started to suck. It was sweet, he has a big and beautiful cock, I sucked it with pleasure. Then I asked to change the position. I stood on the floor on my knees and lay down on the sofa. He entered me from behind, his cock was rubbing tight inside, and we were cumming... He was holding on my hips and I felt hot pushes inside.

It was the most pleasant rape ever...


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