All guys have the same thing

I'm on the beach and thinking to snatch something from somebody. Almost no one there. There I see a young couple coming over. The guy is about 25 with short and dark hair. The girl is slim, about nineteen, brown hair to the shoulders. Settling close to me. The guy says to the girl:

- Let's go swimming. It's too hot!

- You go! I'll stay here to have a sunbathe, - the girl replies and falls down on the stomach. The guy takes off his golden chain, Swiss watch and puts them in the purse and leaves.

Well, I think, that's luck. A month without starving for sure. I approach to their deck chair and begin rummaging in their purse. Suddenly the girl says:

- Already swum enough, honey? Will you massage me.

I looked in her direction. She was still lying on her back and didn't see me. If now I try to get away, that would be suspicious, I thought. I walked over to her, sat down on the mat and my hands started to massage her shoulders and running fingers up and down the spine. She says:

- Unclasp my bra! It hampers!

I gently undid the straps and continued massaging. After some time she said,

- Pull my panties down a bit and massage my buttocks!

I lowered her panties down to her knees and began to stroke her cheeks. On the one hand I was getting turned on with that, and on the other hand I knew that at any moment her boyfriend could come and then I'd be very sorry. And I don't know what would make him more angry: me having fun with her girlfriend, or me wishing to steal his watch and bracelet.

- Honey, you caress me so softly. Let me lie on my back, and you take the goose feather from the purse and run it over me.

Now she would turn over, and I'm screwed. I need something to do urgently. I leaned over her and whispered in her ear:

- Okay. Just close your eyes. And don't open until I tell you!

As I hoped, in a whisper she couldn't identify it wasn't her boyfriend, and she silently turned on her back. I took a feather and began driving it over her nipples, the belly, the thighs, and even touched her vulvar lips. She even moaned with pleasure. I guess, they did it often with her guy.

- Lick my pussy, you're so good at this, - she whispered.

I got a place between her legs and began running my tongue over her vagina. Slowly at first. Then faster. I even thought that I touched her clit with my tongue.

- Take me! I want this! – she whispered, turned over on her stomach and stuck out her ass.

I got on my knees, pulled down my swimming trunks and began driving my fighter into her pink slit. I already forgot about caution. I moved faster and faster. We had cum almost simultaneously. I stood up, and she was still lying on her stomach and moaning:

- You've never been that passionate, honey. Bring me something to drink, please!

That's my chance to slip away. I quickly pulled on my swimming trunks and began slowly moving toward the way out. How surprised her boyfriend would be, if she'd like to talk to him about that, I thought. 

The day had been spent well, and no one got to know anything. I just had such a feeling as if I forgot something. And suddenly I remembered. I forgot of pinching the bracelet and the watch.


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