Hello, my name is Julia, I want to tell you my story:

We have been long known each other, not to say we were best friend, but often stayed together with her until late with a glass (or bottle) of wine, talking about life, about the past, about guys...

Olga was 18 years old, a beautiful brunette of small stature, dense but beautiful physique with young and big boobs. I was 21, tall and slender golden blonde with green eyes and small tits.

As usual we were staying at my place and we drank probably too much wine and loosened our tongues. We were talking about intimacy, about our first experience. Alll the dates and all the details. Then I asked her:

- Have you ever been with a girl?

– No, and you?

I said I haven’t been as well. But the spark was ignited...

We had a little chat about random topics and were getting ready to go to bed. As it was already past midnight, and I lived alone – she stayed at my place. I have one couch I prepared and we lay down together, and it was not the first time for us. But we didn’t want to sleep yet, so we continued to talk and the themes were all about sex: some like this, some like that, some like stroking… She told me that she does not like being touched by her breast, but she likes patting her ass. I began to stroke her ass, saying:

- Do you like it that way?

- Mmmm... YEAH! Why guys can't do like that, they want just grab and go ahead. I guess, they just don't have patience to do everything quiet and with emotions.

I continued stroking her and I loved that, we kept on lying facing each other... She kissed me... mmm so soft and tender lips, guys never have such. We hugged and went on kissing, I didn't want to break away from her and she didn't either from me, we were stroking each other. All the intoxication from wine had disappeared, I was feeling so good with her. I pulled off her t-shirt, I wanted to caress her body so much, she was so delicate and beautiful. She also removed my shirt and continued kissing on the lips. This is so pleasant...

Then we started playing shifting games on the bed: I was on top of her, then she got the top and I got down position, we were on our sides still kissing each other as if unable to get enough. Her hand sneaked into my panties and she quickly found my clit. SO GOOOOD... I was also getting into her panties, it was so wet and warm there... the clitoris was found immediately and her movements and moans told me she really liked it too. A girl would easier understand how to do it nicer. That lasted not long. I was the first to cum and after a minute I brought her to orgasm as well, she was moaning so passionately, that now remembering that, the goosebumps are running up my spine...

In the morning when I woke up and had to go to work, we quickly got ready. She pretended as if nothing had happened, I didn't say anything too. We both had the guys we were not going to leave. Before leaving I asked if everything was okay, she replied that yes, all was well.

After that we met several times staying in the evenings together, but that night was never recalled, we pretended that had never happened. I tried once to drink with her and repeat our adventure but she made it clear she didn't want it.

Then she moved to another region, and we mostly communicate through social networks.

It's been a long time, but I still remember those moments with great tenderness.


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