I was 18. It was the usual Institute in the small city. White shirt, black pencil-skirt, a minimum of makeup - all banal and not interested... 8.30. I was late for the exam. Having run to the Institute, I got in the last five. Going along with everyone I became so excited that everything I knew flew out of my head. I was in prostration, to reality I was returned with the teacher's voice: "Girl, could I listen to your answer?" I got up, walked over to the teacher, sat on the edge of the chair, he blatantly was looking at me like a cat from head to toe. Then he smiled slyly and with some sense of superiority asked: “Well, go ahead, I'm waiting!”

I was trying to pull out of my memory everything I could recall, but honestly I was saying nonsense... "I think you failed your exam, see you in September for retry, your record book, please..." he told me. "Please, wait, no need for September, I was studying, I learned, I haven’t not slept for several nights!!!!".  "Apparently, these nights you were not worried about studying, but of course, you can fix it... But..." "What can I do? It's important to me, I can't fail the exam!" "You have to try hard so I could give you a good mark, such plump lips give certain thoughts, touch my buddy with your tongue...”

He dramatically opened his fly and took out his buddy, it was a huge buddy, I must say... it became scary... I thought it was better to fail the exam than to lose face... He interrupted my thoughts, came to me very close, pressing my mouth to his cock, he began rubbing it over my lips. I resisted as best as I could... as soon as I opened my mouth to breathe, his cock invaded my throat, pecking as hard as he could. I started to choke, first. He was muttering: "Come on, baby, you're so good, yeah, yeah, like that... suck, my baby... come on”

"Then he started pacing up, he grabbed me by the hair, his face reflecting sarcastic smile: "What, bitch, do you like it? Come on suck it deeper you can't be the first time doing that, come on, open your mouth wider, make me cum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Suddenly I felt a few jolts in and hot liquid spilled on my face... Not having time to recover, he lifted me up, bent down, and thrust into me, so my muscles stunned, it seemed to me he fucked me up like the last time, he was banging me as it wouldn’t be ever over...

At some point accidentally my groan broke out. "I knew you'd like it, you bitches like being banged, enjoy you bitch..." I was waiting until it’s over... After 15 minutes of hard action he finally came... "Now I see you are ready. Give me your record book, fucking A..." I handed him the record book and the tear ran down over my cheek... "What’s wrong? Do not worry! How do you think your classmates passed? Don't be sad, we still have to write a diploma later..."


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