The desire to please my wife had appeared long time ago and every year it became stronger on and on in our sexual relationship.

First, she didn’t even want to listen to about the threesome, but then we bought a dildo made of silicon, we can say that was the start point... but let’s tell about everything in order.

With time passed, the understanding of jealousy actually came out of use in our family.

Brighter and brighter I imagined her under someone and got excited, especially when she was doing blowjob and squatted pulling on the "Dildy" as we called the silicone toy. In the gusts of ecstasy I began to call her beautiful and restless, with all that hinting at a third candidate. In the end she gave up. The deal was simple: that someone third will do just cunnilingus and kissing the chest that settled the matter. Time passed, but no one was found for that. By chance my old friend 15 years younger than us came to work after high school in our city, in other words - I insisted on that.

It was spring. I decided to repair the floor and his arrival was what we needed, everything went according to my script. Notice, we don't drink at all ie. everything must occur in being sober.

In the evening we made a bed for him in the living room, and in our room we began preparing for invitation. The question was how to offer. Though I caught his looks at my wife, although she is 40 but she is in brilliant shape.

In the end, I went to speak to him, but first we turned off the lights. To my surprise the conversation was brief.

We came in together, I made a gesture for him to go to bed, and I moved to the bathroom.

Five minutes later, going into the dark room, I heard my wife moaning, and when I looked closer, I saw her lying with outstretched legs, and the head of Alexey on her pubis, my scrotum contracted, the cock grew bigger and not controlling myself, I put it into her mouth.

A gasp filled the bedroom. My wife squirmed like a cat and posed doggy-style without letting the cock go out of her mouth not forgetting about Alexey and he had no choice as to sit by and watch.

When Sveta came to senses and realized that she would not cum, with a plea she looked at me, I nodded, she groped for Alexey’s penis and pulled him to her. I got her maneuver and moved on to the butt, inserted the swollen penis into the vagina. Again a wheeze but with Aleksey’s cock in the mouth. The head of my friend was thrown back, the eyes closed, a smile on his face. I knew how good my wife could suck. She was shaking for she was cumming as if a waterfall broke out of her, I haven't seen her like that, Alex was cumming as well. Sveta lost control for the first time. I was cumming like pising stream by stream. After a few minutes it was over, all three of us were lying in the bed, Sveta between us whispering how good she was feeling, with these words she fell asleep. I also wanted to sleep. I woke up with groans, my wife was lying on her side and Alex was fucking her while she stroked my face and the smile never left her face. She was happy. The entire night lasted like an orgy finished with a joint fucking her in the ass and pussy.

We had no morning, it was the day. My wife cooked the dinner and went to her mother, saying that we would fail with working, because we were like hungry wolves not thinking of work, but where to catch her and shoot the load.

She came back in the evening and gave us a night of madness.

Alexey is going to get married soon. His bride is older than him and he promised to prepare her for the surprise. We are waiting. Sometimes he arrives to us and we repeat everything again.


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