Visiting my beloved

One day I went to your house. But no one was home: there was just the cat in the apartment.

It was strange, after all, it was nine o'clock in the evening. But I did not bother. I thought you were visiting Masha or Roma once again, and your parents found something to do as well.

By the way, I was not confused, but decided to wait for you in your own home, moreover, in your own room.

I removed the outdoor clothes, took off the shoes, and then I went into the room. It was cool. It was getting dark. I found your old black knitted hat, made two slits in it and put it on the head — it was a great mask.

Unbuttoning the fly and revealing my cock to the world, I found a long scarf in your closet. I folded it in half and put the end in the manner of a loop and I hid in the closet.

I didn’t have to wait long, after 15 minutes I heard the grinding of the key in the keyhole, followed by the heavy steps of the pwner of the room.

Entering the room, you began changing the clothes, and you did not notice the small slits in the wardrobe. As soon as you turned away to remove your jeans, I came out of my hiding place and threw the loop around your neck. You lost consciousness.

Needless to say, you woke up already bound. The only your clothes were a t-shirt, plus your favorite stockings from Germany.

Your eyes were securely blindfolded, such an awkward situation made you nervous and jerking, but a single blow with the ruker on the chest made you calm down. You screamed, but calmed down. Good girl.

I take your hair and lift the head above the sofa, you ask who I am. Don't answer, smirking and giving you a light slap. You calmed down. I take the ruler and move to your tied legs, and begin to pat you on your hot lips already dripping with moisture by that time.

You are shuddering during and after the blows, as if you can change something. I put a finger to your mouth, touch your lips, you suddenly began to lick it, suck it and bite. A slap on the face. No free will in my game. This time, instead of a finger my cock was in your mouth. And you suck wonderfully. Sometimes I pinch you in the nose, occasionally tapping on your dripping pussy, and sometimes I take the cock out of your mouth, and I bring my balls closer so you could lick them good, the feeling was simply awesome!

Then I bust out your favorite tights, throw your legs onto my shoulders and sharply I get in on the entire length. You cry. A slap on the face. You are whining, and I'm fucking you slowly getting out and sharply driving in. You like it, and you're already moaning, lying bound on your own couch, the eyes already unleashed, you are being fucked by a guy in the mask, your t-shirt and the tights are torn, the mascara is flowing. And you are whining with pleasure like the worst whore. This continues for a while, I'm cumming in you, slowly pull it out, untie you and remove the mask. Then very gently I kiss you, calling you my beloved, lay down and hug you, but that's another story.


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