Covering her eyes with pleasure and with open mouth Natasha was jumping astride madly. Any cowboy or horseman, seeing Natasha's riding hid his eyes shamefully and nervously smoking on the sideline, not even trying to compete with this woman. From all the postures studied by Natasha by her twenty-five years this one gave her the greatest pleasure. She was able to regulate the tempo of jumps, the depth of pulling on and the angle of inclination. As soon as I got in reach of her hands I immediately fell on a bed, on a chair, on an arm-chair or, if there were no pieces of furniture, on the floor and she quickly jumped into the saddle.

She rarely left it, just to lube the drying seat area with all possible things: creams, vaseline or just saliva were good enough. She also loved to lie on her back with her legs apart and placing me between them. She then lifted up her legs to the ceiling, then bent them at the knees and pulled up to her chest, crossed on my back. She also loved posing in the doggy-style when I'm fron behind clinging to her hips like a drowning man to a safety ring, pecking her hole, bringing Natasha to orgasm. She also loved to suck. She did it enthusiastically, enjoying the process and even experiencing orgasm. She could claim the title of the best sucker in the world if there were such title.

If shorter, my Natasha loved fucking in all its possible ways. She just could never have anal sex with for she had a very narrow asshole. A couple of times we tried this type of fucking, we by mutual consent we abandoned that thought. But there was no need to have it, for her vagina was narrow, small and with very trained muscles, which could hold even the fallen penis, not letting it slip out of her pussy. I loved her pussy. I went crazy for that hole. Living with her for over six months, every day, every hour, every minute I wanted her, to possess her, to fuck and fuck constantly.

When she sucked my cock lying on me and putting her ass right in front of my nose, I licked that oozing hole. I thought she was gonna crush me, spitting her cunt on my face, moving her ass, putting new areas to my tongue and the lips. This was the first time, and then became a familiar ritual. Natasha politely asked me if it was okay to place her cunt on my lips, though the question sounded after her cunt was already down on my mouth. How could I refuse such a situation? And I didn't refuse.

At home, my hole-girl was wearing a man's shirt, without panties, considering that was wasting effort and time on the dressing and undressing. She made me also wear nothing but a sheet wrapped around my waist. She considered that the freedom of the man's balls makes more comfort having the opportunity to hang out and breathe. She also pursued another objective with that: she loved periodically to grab my buddy, to pull it, to knead and to kiss.

We fucked anytime and anywhere. She was cooking, and I was right there pressing to her ass and thrusting my cock in my favorite hole. She was washing the floor, and I was already there. And as for catching my cock and placing it in her mouth was a special fun for her.



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